16 November, 2013

2013 Book Review - November: Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

I was introduced to the works of David Sedaris by my American friend, Katie. Having never heard of him before, reading a collection of his essays/memoirs seemed a little odd, however, after she described a passage to me from the book, explaining what "an Easter" was*, and laughing at the way she recounted it, I knew that Sedaris was probably going to be my cup of tea.

The book Me Talk Pretty One Day is, as previously mentioned, a collection of autobiographical essays. Split into two parts, the first deals with part of his childhood -- highlights of mine being his guitar lessons taught by a midget who, of course, asks him to name his guitar, Sedaris chooses 'Joan' -- and his later life living in New York, moving from job to job. I found these essays readable, at times funny, and also relatable. However, for me, the book really took off in 'Part Deux', when Sedaris goes on to discuss his time as an expat in France, and his experiences learning the French language. This, to me, was so relatable, I laughed so hard at his questioning of who decided the gender of nouns, & trying to get by using very basic French. Living in Munich, a lot of the scenarios he describes have happened to me or, no doubt, will happen one day. It's a strange feeling living abroad in a country where your first language isn't widely spoken, but Sedaris captures the highs & lows brilliantly.

Another of his more recent books is called Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls and I'm already laughing to myself about what this next collection might involve :)

Have you ever read anything by David Sedaris? What did you think?


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*hear the actual story here:

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