01 September, 2013

STYLIGHT Sundays #1

I recently discovered STYLIGHT, a fashion site based in *dum dum dum* Munich! I signed up immediately & started to put together looks & fashion mood-boards (think: anything that inspires you - as many photos as you want, music, quotes, videos, & of course, the products that went into making your outfit)

mystringaling stylight profileScreen Shot 2013-09-01 at 10.38.56

Over the next 3 Sundays I'll be showcasing my latest STYLIGHT looks/OOTDs 
- the beauty being, if you like the look you can head straight over to STYLIGHT & buy it; amazing!

mystringaling stylight1

'Heart' the look & find out where to buy similar items :)

Day-in-the-life on STYLIGHT


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