27 May, 2013

Top 5 Beauty Products for Under £5

top 5 under 5

For a bit of a change, this Monday's beauty post is my top 5 under £5. These 5 products are staples of my makeup bag & I would happily pay more than a measly few pounds for each one of them.

1. Accessorize Jet Black Rock Star mascara £5
An incredible lengthening & volumising mascara that comes in this gorgeous packaging

2. MUA Shimmer Kiss highlighter £3
The four shades in this highlighter/bronzer give your complexion a subtle lift & leave your skin looking healthy & lovely

3. MUA Undressed Palette £4
An Urban Decay 'dupe', this bad boy has every neutral shade you could ever need to take your look from day to night

4. Collection 2000 Mosaic Bronzer £2.99
I love the tone of this bronzer, it never leaves me looking orangey & instantly gives me a sun-kissed glow

5. Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner £2.99
This is the one product which I have never changed from my everyday routine: my favourite ever liquid eyeliner

I didn't realise, until listing them, that I'd only chosen 3 brands but I use all of these products on an almost daily basis. I also think these 5 would be the perfect budget beauty kit for someone who's just getting into makeup or who's looking to revamp their makeup bag.

What are your top 5 beauty products for under £5 a pop? I'd love to hear your suggestions, or if you've done a similar post, leave me the link below :)



  1. Hey! Found you on BBunite blog hop page. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!!

    Robyn viav x vintageisavirtue blog

    1. Hi, thanks for your lovely comment & for following :) X

  2. I love the MUA Undressed palette! It's one of my favourite palettes!

    You have a lovely blog sweetie! I'm a new follower :)
    I would love for you to take a look at mine and let me know what you think!

    Natasha Carly x
    Pretty Little Lives

    1. Thanks for following :) I will certainly check your blog out too X


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