25 March, 2013

Monday Review: L'Oréal Perfect Clean Cream Wash with Scrublet

Before we begin I just want to say how much I love the word 'scrublet'! It's bizarre & cute & I think it's great :) now onto the serious stuff, this week's review is L'Oréal's Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash - Soothing for dry/sensitive skin, £3.95 for 150ml.


What L'Oréal say...
Deep cleanse your dry and sensitive skin with L'Oréal Paris Perfect clean, featuring the Scrublet, a soft and flexible cleansing brush. Removing make-up, excess oil and dirt, Perfect clean offers deep pore cleansing. Simply pop out the Scrublet, pour on the fragrance free foaming cream wash and use it to perfectly clean and soothe your skin.

I love to wash my face after removing my makeup but with the cold weather making my skin so dry at the moment I need a face wash that isn't going to dry it further. When I saw this in Tesco I was firstly intrigued by the 'scrublet' & secondly by the fact that this was specifically aimed at soothing dry skin -- for some reason I can't seem to find it on boots.com or superdrug.com hence the purchase from Tescos. Whilst the product is very easy to use I found the scrublet a little bit faffy & did find myself using the face wash alone without it at times. My skin did feel a little tight after using the wash but it wasn't dry or uncomfortable. Whilst I wasn't always in the mood to use it, the scrublet was actually a really nice idea, the bristles are really soft & it feels like you're really working any dirt or left over makeup off your face without being too abrasive.

Overall Results...
I would give this face wash 
The consistency of the wash was very soft & creamy & didn't leave my skin dry afterwards. It would've been easier to use if the packaging was the other way up (not with the lid at the bottom) & a pump at the top. The product description also makes it seem like a Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser type of product,  whereby you can remove the day's makeup in one go, whereas this feels more like a face wash that you might use when you wake up or after you've removed your makeup with a separate cleanser.

Have you tried this face wash or any of the other L'Oréal Perfect Clean face washes? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below :)



  1. I've not tried this one but I did use to use one by garnier, I used to really really like it. It is a little more expensive but it did wonders for my skin and I might actually go grab it again.


    Would love for you to check my blog out :) www.beautybook13.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Ahh I've seen that Garnier face wash but I've never tried it. I will definitely have a look at your blog, thanks for the comment :) XX


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