18 March, 2013

Monday Review: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Cleanser

There's been a lot of buzz about this Monday's product up for review, and as a much hyped European product I thought I'd find some at my local Munich pharmacy & give it a go: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Cleanser, 500ml. (Available in the UK from escentual.com)


What Bioderma say...
The benchmark micelle solution that daily cleanses and removes make-up from sensitive skin.
At the cutting edge of innovation, BIODERMA has pioneered micellar solutions. Specially formulated for sensitive, normal to dry skins, the Sensibio H2O micelle solution gently cleanses face and eyes. It removes water-resistant make-up.
The micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the skin’s balance (soap-free, physiological pH).
Soothing and decongesting active ingredients prevent the feelings of irritation often caused by cleansing.
Sensibio H2O guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance (tested under ophthalmological supervision).

For a long time I've used Kleenex makeup wipes to remove my makeup at night but unfortunately they're not available here on the Continent & like all other brands of makeup wipes (in my opinion) the ones that are available here are too dry to get all of your makeup off. With this in mind I thought I'd have a mooch around the pharmacies here & see if I could find some of the much hyped Bioderma miracle cleansing water. I've never used a water-like product to remove my makeup before, but this stuff certainly lives up to its reputation: all of my makeup was removed in one fell swoop & my face was left feeling fresh & really clean.

Overall Result...
I'd give this cleanser 
I paid 19,90€ for this which is a bit pricey (about £16) but you need such a small amount to get a full face of makeup off that I know it will last me ages & work out cheaper than buying the smaller bottles in the long run. I can't recommend this enough, as soon as it hits a pharmacy near you, stock up!

Have you tried any of the Bioderma products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below :)


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