28 March, 2013

Mod Dolly #OOTD

Hello! Guten Tag! Yesterday I received this be-a-utiful dress from Mod Dolly & as soon as I saw it I couldn't wait to wear it :D

28mar ootd 1
Please excuse my frizzy bouffant, I'd only just washed it :)
28mar ootd 2
Dress - Mod Dolly // T-Shirt - borrowed from my boyfriend // Boots - eBay (I also blogged about these bad boys here)

It super cold here at the moment (booo!) but this pinafore dress really brightened up my day :)


** update - I tweeted Mod Dolly a link to this post & they were sweet enough to add my photo to their facebook page, here :) **


  1. When I saw this on my blogroll i was just like, so comfy! It looks really nice with your hairstyle as well!

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    1. Thank you! I love it & only £25, bargain :D XX

  2. Looks lovely on you, I've just bought the green one :)

    1. Thank you :) I couldn't decide which colour to get, I really liked the green one too but thought if I bought them both it might be a big excessive! Definitely will be buying more Mod Dolly bits in the future though XX

  3. Gorgeous dress! I love how you paired it with shoes.


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