29 March, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: Most Wanted #11

uniqlo FIIL

Ahh what is there not to love about Uniqlo's latest collaboration with legendary print designer Celia Birtwell? I am head over heels & completely heartbroken that all of the blouses have sold out :'( sob sob!

What are your thoughts on the collection? I also love the pyjama pants; perhaps it's best for my bank balance that all the pieces 
I want have sold out? :)


28 March, 2013

Mod Dolly #OOTD

Hello! Guten Tag! Yesterday I received this be-a-utiful dress from Mod Dolly & as soon as I saw it I couldn't wait to wear it :D

28mar ootd 1
Please excuse my frizzy bouffant, I'd only just washed it :)
28mar ootd 2
Dress - Mod Dolly // T-Shirt - borrowed from my boyfriend // Boots - eBay (I also blogged about these bad boys here)

It super cold here at the moment (booo!) but this pinafore dress really brightened up my day :)


** update - I tweeted Mod Dolly a link to this post & they were sweet enough to add my photo to their facebook page, here :) **

25 March, 2013

Monday Review: L'Oréal Perfect Clean Cream Wash with Scrublet

Before we begin I just want to say how much I love the word 'scrublet'! It's bizarre & cute & I think it's great :) now onto the serious stuff, this week's review is L'Oréal's Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash - Soothing for dry/sensitive skin, £3.95 for 150ml.


What L'Oréal say...
Deep cleanse your dry and sensitive skin with L'Oréal Paris Perfect clean, featuring the Scrublet, a soft and flexible cleansing brush. Removing make-up, excess oil and dirt, Perfect clean offers deep pore cleansing. Simply pop out the Scrublet, pour on the fragrance free foaming cream wash and use it to perfectly clean and soothe your skin.

I love to wash my face after removing my makeup but with the cold weather making my skin so dry at the moment I need a face wash that isn't going to dry it further. When I saw this in Tesco I was firstly intrigued by the 'scrublet' & secondly by the fact that this was specifically aimed at soothing dry skin -- for some reason I can't seem to find it on boots.com or superdrug.com hence the purchase from Tescos. Whilst the product is very easy to use I found the scrublet a little bit faffy & did find myself using the face wash alone without it at times. My skin did feel a little tight after using the wash but it wasn't dry or uncomfortable. Whilst I wasn't always in the mood to use it, the scrublet was actually a really nice idea, the bristles are really soft & it feels like you're really working any dirt or left over makeup off your face without being too abrasive.

Overall Results...
I would give this face wash 
The consistency of the wash was very soft & creamy & didn't leave my skin dry afterwards. It would've been easier to use if the packaging was the other way up (not with the lid at the bottom) & a pump at the top. The product description also makes it seem like a Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser type of product,  whereby you can remove the day's makeup in one go, whereas this feels more like a face wash that you might use when you wake up or after you've removed your makeup with a separate cleanser.

Have you tried this face wash or any of the other L'Oréal Perfect Clean face washes? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below :)


23 March, 2013

Munich Adventures: Wir Machen Cupcakes

Today was meant to be a lovely touristy day to mooch around Munich's beautiful city centre, taking in its sights and sounds, HOWEVER, there was a horrible blizzard which left my face numb & my spirits down. But, (another 'however') one little ray of sunshine in my extremely cold day was discovering Wir Machen Cupcakes on Utzschneiderstr.: day made!


These badboys not only looked good but daym they tasted gooood (we bought a cookies & cream, vanilla wolke & sweet day karamell) :)

What have you been doing this weekend? I've seen reports from the UK of the freak snowstorms there (looks like Munich got off lightly!) I also gave in this afternoon & ordered a bottle of the foundation of the moment: YSL's Le Teint Touche Éclat, review to follow :) happy Saturday, everyone!


22 March, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: Most Wanted #10

Lazy Oaf, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

friday im lazy oaf2

I've talked about Lazy Oaf many a time on here, I absolutely love them! Their designs are so simple & wearable but the patterns they use, and quirky design features that they add, make their clothes so fun, there's no other way to describe them.

I absolutely love this Bear Bra Top (£35), especially as styled in the images below, taken from Lazy Oaf's blog.

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 18.12.13

What do you think? Will you be adding a bit of Lazy Oaf to your SS13 wardrobe?


18 March, 2013

Monday Review: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Cleanser

There's been a lot of buzz about this Monday's product up for review, and as a much hyped European product I thought I'd find some at my local Munich pharmacy & give it a go: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Cleanser, 500ml. (Available in the UK from escentual.com)


What Bioderma say...
The benchmark micelle solution that daily cleanses and removes make-up from sensitive skin.
At the cutting edge of innovation, BIODERMA has pioneered micellar solutions. Specially formulated for sensitive, normal to dry skins, the Sensibio H2O micelle solution gently cleanses face and eyes. It removes water-resistant make-up.
The micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the skin’s balance (soap-free, physiological pH).
Soothing and decongesting active ingredients prevent the feelings of irritation often caused by cleansing.
Sensibio H2O guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance (tested under ophthalmological supervision).

For a long time I've used Kleenex makeup wipes to remove my makeup at night but unfortunately they're not available here on the Continent & like all other brands of makeup wipes (in my opinion) the ones that are available here are too dry to get all of your makeup off. With this in mind I thought I'd have a mooch around the pharmacies here & see if I could find some of the much hyped Bioderma miracle cleansing water. I've never used a water-like product to remove my makeup before, but this stuff certainly lives up to its reputation: all of my makeup was removed in one fell swoop & my face was left feeling fresh & really clean.

Overall Result...
I'd give this cleanser 
I paid 19,90€ for this which is a bit pricey (about £16) but you need such a small amount to get a full face of makeup off that I know it will last me ages & work out cheaper than buying the smaller bottles in the long run. I can't recommend this enough, as soon as it hits a pharmacy near you, stock up!

Have you tried any of the Bioderma products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below :)


15 March, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: Most Wanted #9

A wardrobe classic: Chanel-esque bouclé jackets...


I cannot be denied that the Chanel jacket is one of fashion's true classics & this week I am channeling my inner Jackie Kennedy and lusting after these new modern takes.


Perfect :)

And as a unbelievable coincidence, the day that I wrote this post, Chanel posted a video about the iconic jacket on their youtube channel; need anymore convincing?


13 March, 2013

2013 Book Review - March: How To Be a Woman


This month's review is How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Part social commentary, part personal memoir; when I first picked up this book I wasn't sure what to expect - with chapter title's such as 'I start bleeding!' I can't be the only one! But this was everything I wanted it to be; witty, insightful, truthful and in parts laugh-out-loud funny. When asked to shout "I am a strident feminist!" I did (in my head, there were people around) and it made me feel good. For the first time I was reading feminist literature and not wincing at the men-bashing or anecdotal evidence used to make a shaky point about why women are superior. The fact of the matter is that we're not, but then neither are men! My favourite part was how Moran summed up the pure basics of modern feminism: when all's said and done, are we being rude? It's not about who is better/superior, it's about whether we are all being fair and polite to each other, because at the end of the day, what more can any of us want from society? 

The, at times painfully, truthful moments that Moran describes at various points in her life are what bring so much comedy to the piece, moments such as when she has her first period or her experiences with school bullies in Wolverhampton. This is juxtaposed with truly saddening moments, particularly when she decides to have an abortion, after previously having two children. Personally I found this a little bit jarring, because there really was nothing funny about having an abortion, just the cold, sad truth. However, in a way it didn't matter, I admired Moran's truthfulness so much that I wanted to know all about her experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly; I think it was extremely important that she was so honest about everything. 

Caitlin Moran is one of my favourite writers and a true inspiration to me as a woman. If you've never read any of her work, or you want to read something that is thought-provoking and incredibly funny I urge you to buy this book.

Have you read How To Be a Woman or any of Caitlin's other work? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below :)


11 March, 2013

Monday Review: Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate

Another perfect cold weather product for this week's review: Liz Earle's Superskin Concentrate, £19.75 for 10ml.

liz earle oil

What Liz Earle says...
Plump, smooth and rebalance the look and feel of your skin with this aromatic, intensive night-time concentrate. Roll over face and neck. Breathe in the aroma, massage upwards and outwards. Now relax and let Superskin Concentrate work its magic.

My Mum gave me this travel sized Superskin Concentrate to try as the winter weather has wreaked havoc with my skin, especially my neck & chin, making them really dry. The concentrate contains rosehip oil, argon oil, neroli oil & vitamin E which make a hearty concoction against dry skin. The aromatic smell is a little strong & not really my cup of tea but it's a small price to pay; the Concentrate is incredible, in just a few days my skin felt soft & smooth again. The 10ml size also means it's perfect to put in your handbag in case your skin feels a little dry throughout the day.

Overall I would give this product 
I have been so impressed with how good it is, no other moisturiser that I've tried has worked so well. It is a little on the pricey side, especially for the full sized 28ml (£40.25) but if you've tried everything else & nothing has worked then I think it's worth investing in a really good product, such as this. An absolute miracle if you suffer from very dry skin.

Have you tried this, or any other Liz Earle products? I used to be a big fan of her hot cloth cleanser, & I still am when my bank balance allows it! Let me know what you think :)


10 March, 2013

Hello from Munich!

Hello lovely readers, I'm finally settled in Munich after moving here last Monday. Apologies for the radio silence recently but, as I'm sure you can understand, everything's been a little bit manic recently. However, there's a brand new Monday Review scheduled for tomorrow & lots of other posts planned for the next few weeks. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend & happy mothers' day to all the Mamas :)


Love from Munich!


04 March, 2013

Monday Review: Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara

Hello lovelies! This week's review is a scheduled post as I'm actually moving to Germany today - exciting! But I'll blog more about my move once I'm settled in there. For now I've reviewed Seventeen's latest mascara: Doll'd Up, £6.29 for 9ml.


What Seventeen say...
Create show stopping eye drama this season with SEVENTEEN’S NEW ‘doll’d Up’ mascara. With special lash lifting 24hour curl & volume benefits and an anti-clump brush, you can make sure that your lashes stay firmly in the limelight.SEVENTEEN’S ‘doll’d Up’ mascara uses a curved brush specially designed to give you a fabulous set of doll like lashes to super-charge your cheeky side this winter for amazing volume and curl without clumping. Create a beautiful overstated wide-eyed look, by applying to your top and bottom lashes . With up to 24 hours of staying power you can flutter your lashes all day and night.

I'm just going to come right out & say it, I was really disappointed with this mascara. As you may have seen, a few weeks ago I wrote a rave review of Seventeen's 'Wild Curls' mascara so I was expecting their new offering to be just as good, if not better. I think the downfall of this product may be the curved brush. As you can see in the photo above the 'anti-clump brush' looks pretty good, the packaging is designed so all excess is left behind but somehow, despite the brush not having a lot of product on it, my lashes completely clumped together after one or two strokes. I think the curve of the brush meant extra product was being applied where it shouldn't have been, rather than evenly across. The rest of the packaging is lovely but the curved brush really lets it down.

Overall I would give this mascara 
The one good use I have found for it is for my bottom lashes, the curved brush seems to fit the bottom of my eye perfectly but £6+ for a bottom-lash-only product is a bit silly (did the Clinque bottom lash mascara ever take off? It all seemed a bit unnecessary to me!)

Have you tried this new Seventeen mascara? What did you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


01 March, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: Most Wanted #8

This Friday it's all about the 3 years old's faves: dungarees - yep they're back!


I absolutely LOVE the two pairs of patterned River Island dungarees, I think they're the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe; daytime, nighttime summer or winter they go with everything! I have my eye on the black & white polka dot pair :)

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