18 February, 2013

Monday Review: Collection Eyebrow Definer

Some of you may have found recently that it is impossible to find a No. 17 eyebrow pencil anywhere! (where have you gone lovely pencils?!) I've used the 17 eyebrow pencil for years to fill in & shape my brows but recently they all seem to have gone AWOL & I've had to find a replacement. Duh duh! Welcome this Monday's review: Collection Eyebrow Definer, £2.79

brow pencil 3

What Collection say...   
Enhance & define brows (not that much really!)

I've always used 17's brow pencils as I've found others too dark (not a good look) so I was gutted when I couldn't find my beloved pencil anywhere. However! Collection's 'eyebrow definer' is the perfect replacement. I bought shade 3 'blonde', not too light, not too dark, juuuust right (see a colour swatch on my hand above). The pencil doesn't need a sharper, you just turn it up as you need it (nifty!) The only downside is that the formulation is quite soft & so on a warm day this would by a hot mess, however, the soft formula does mean that you can quickly & easily fill your brows without looking like they've just been drawn on.

Overall rating...
I'd give this brow pencil 
It's a brilliant colour (I would have thought that there's at last 3 shades, as 'blonde' is shade 3 but the website only shows two) either way 'blonde' is perfect for my colouring. Because the formula is a bit soft I've not given it 5 out of 5 but it came very close, perhaps a 4.9 :)

Have you used this pencil? What did you think? Or has anyone else struggled to find a 17 brow pencil?
Let me know in the comments below :)


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