30 January, 2013

Wah Nails @ Topshop Oxford St

Last week I went to London for the day to see my lovely friend & whilst we were there we decided to treat ourselves to a manicure at Wah Nails. I'm sure most of you have heard of Wah already but they are based on the ground floor of Topshop on Oxford Street & specialise in nail art.

When you go in there's a wall of designs to choose from...


I decided to go for polka dot bows with tuxedos on my ring fingers & my friend had a different design on each nail :)

nails col

Altogether my manicure cost about £30 BUT what we weren't told is that by not having the same design on all of our nails there's an extra £5 charge. We were pretty annoyed with being lumped by the extra fiver but I was really happy with my nails & a week later they're still going strong!

We also had a mooch around Topshop - well it would be rude not to! & I bought a sweatshirt by ...And Finally & some Jamie skinnies (I tried on the Careys which I had previously been lusting after but they didn't look as nice as I was hoping + when I looked online today they'd disappeared from the website, how strange!) I was also absolutely loving the new Topshop cat bags, you can't beat a bit of feline features on your shopping bag :)


Have you had your nails done at Wah Nails? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below :)



  1. Hey dear! This post is really cool! I like your blog a lot! This is my first visit here but definitely not the last :) Would you like to follow each other?Check out my blog if you like :)

    Wish you a nice weekend! <3

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    1. What a lovely comment, thank you :) I'll definitely check out your blog XX

  2. Your nails look fab! I'd love to be a fly on the wall watching how they do all the designs!

    Lauren x

  3. Love those nails!! Are Wah Nails in the U.S.??
    Your blog is cute! Would you like to follow each other?

    & check out my shop:


    1. I don't think they're in the US yet but who knows in the future? :) I'd love it if you followed me, I'll definitely check out your blog XX

  4. I've got the book, so many good ideas. x

    1. :O there's a book? I'll have to keep my peepers peeled for that. I don't know if I'd have patience :) XX


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