28 January, 2013

Monday Review: Nivea Express Hydration Hand Lotion

This Monday's review is the type of product which falls into my 'essentials' category when it comes to winter: hand cream. With the cold weather outside, the cosy temperatures inside & the hokey cokey that's played with gloves coming on & off throughout the day, your hands can become very needy. I, therefore, never leave the house from October until March without some good hand cream & this one is a little beaut: Nivea's Express Hydration Hand Lotion (100ml) £2.03 at Boots.


What Nivea say...
Nivea Express Hydration hand lotion provides fast absorbing long-lasting moisture leaving hands soft and fresh, without that sticky feeling. This ultra light formula with natural sea mineral hydrating complex absorbs almost instantly. With regular use, the improved formula with Hydra IQ supports the skin's own moisture supply keeping hands intensely moisturised even after frequent washing.

The first thing I noticed about this cream was the smell, it's a very soft fragrance but it's so nice. I'm also quite weary of liquid creams as I feel like they never seem to sink into your skin, however, as soon as I began to rub the lotion into my hands it was absorbed very quickly leaving no greasy or sticky residue. I don't agree that your hands stay moisturised even after you've washed them, I always have to reapply the cream after I've washed mine, but I may just have super dry hands - who knows?

Overall Rating...
I would give this hand cream 
Despite needing to reapply it after washing my hands - I'm yet to find a hand cream that doesn't need regular reapplication - it doesn't bother me at all. The smell is really lovely & it takes seconds for the cream to sink into your skin, perfect for when you're on the go & your hands are in need of a boost of hydration!

Have you tried this hand cream? What did you think? I find that all of Nivea's products seem to have a really nice smell to them & they aren't over-perfumed, definite winners in my book :)



  1. I'm in need of a new hand cream for my bag, so I may have to pick this up. Thanks for the review

    Have a beautiful day



    1. If you're looking for a good, fairly cheap hand cream I would definitely recommend this. If you're willing to spend a little bit more, the L'Occitane shea butter hand cream is also brilliant. Both of them are featured in my January favourites on Thursday :)



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