08 January, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Highlights of 2012

I've been in Italy since before New Year & although I'm sad to be back to reality in grey old Blighty, I'm so excited to get blogging again!

2012 was such an incredible year, not just for me but I think for everyone; it was the year that it was certainly cool to be British (although when has it not been?) The jubilee, the Olympics, the announcement of a royal baby, the list is endless!

Below are a few of my pictorial highlights from my year, let me know what your highlights of 2012 were in the comments below. + Does anyone have any resolutions that they're determined to stick to?

2012 2
L-R visiting the British Museum // Halloween // the Jubilee // Summer Ball // Graduation // fringe-y times // Summer in Pescara // the Ital's graduation // OOTD // NYE in Italy // London 2012 Olympics // Christmas // visiting Dublin // being in Munich for my birthday :)

Happy 2013, everyone!


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