15 November, 2012


Tumblr's been something that I've always been a bit wary of, I think if you're going to have a blog you should fill it with original content, after all who wants to read the same things over & over + isn't it a bit lazy always re-blogging other people's stuff? However, I've recently come across a few people's tumblr pages that have been solely photographs, pictures & (shock horror) the odd bit of their own written content; this is where my original dislike of tumblr has changed. I'm constantly finding beautiful images online but have nowhere to post them (blogspot image-heavy posts can be a bit hard going, non?) So I've given in & made myself an account - mystringaling.tumblr.com (for images & links to new posts on here).

What are your thoughts on tumblr, am I the only one who originally took a disliking to it? Do any of you have an account? Let me know in the comments below :)



  1. i'm a huge tumblr fan. i know a lot of blogs that post purely original content, and i really like the whole dashboard layout that you can just scroll through. it's nice to have a blog that you can use to harbour all your original stuff and other people's posts for reference etc.

    having said that, i only really use it to follow other people. i do post my own original content sometimes, but i see it as more of a scrapbook of whatever is taking my fancy at the time (normally a lot of tv shows and music, haha).

    but yeah, i think it's an awesome website and i wouldn't be without it. i think it's one of those things that looks weird or whatever from the outside, but once you really get into it and work out how to utilise it properly then it's like freaking narnia.


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