05 November, 2012

Monday Review: Oil-free Moisturisers - Clean & Clear Dual Action & Boots Skin Clear Oil-Free Mattifying Lotion

Second in my 'Monday review' list are two moisturisers promising the same thing: oil-free, moisturising perfection! Clean & Clear's 'Dual Action Moisturiser - Oil-Free' (£2.99) & Boots's 'Skin Clear Oil-Free Mattifying Lotion' (£3.05)

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser -- Oil-Free 100ml
What they say: Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser combines oil-free moisturisers which won't clog pores with a proven spot-fighting ingredient to help prevent spots & blemishes. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and beautiful everyday. Fragrance free for even sensitive skin.

I really like this moisturiser; I'd been looking for a new oil-free one for a while as towards the end of the day my skin tends to be a little bit shiny so I thought something like this might help, and it has! It has a lovely consistency that sinks into your skin & leaves it with a zingy tea tree freshness. 

Overall rating...
I'd give this moisturiser 
I really like it a lot, it's not the absolute holy grail of moisturising products but it's pretty darn good (especially for the price!)

Boots Skin Clear Oil-Free Mattifying Lotion 75ml
What Boots say: Skin Clear Oil-Free Mattifying Lotion is formulated by Boots Skincare Experts to absorb excess oil. Instant perfect matte finish to your face. Non-greasy formula.

This was the first moisturiser of the two that I bought & I was so disappointed! The product does not absorb into the skin at all; I applied it before my make-up & when I went to apply my foundation the moisturiser came off in lumpy flakes -- not good!

Overall rating...
I'd rate this moisturiser 0 out of 5 stars, it's just awful!
I was so disappointed with this product :( it promises so much but doesn't deliver at all.

Have you tried either of these products, or any other good oil-free moisturisers? Let me know :)



  1. I am currently using the Clean and Clear moisturiser but am still on the hunt for the perfect oil free moisturiser too!
    I nominated you for The Belle Blog award here http://wondrous-marvellous-obsession.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/the-belle-blog-award.html
    Zoe x

    1. Thank you very much, I'll have a look now :) X

  2. Ohai! I'm quite the fan of the Clean & Clear moisturiser as well. Though, like you said, it's no holy grail of the moisturising world, having combination skin is such a nuisance, and this definitely does the trick!


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