23 November, 2012

Christmas: Choosing Christmas Cards

Woaaah there's a lot of Cs in that title! But back to the task at hand: Christmas cards. Here are my selection of the nicest cards available for Christmas 2012...

All cards from Paperchase (many of which are 3 for 2), except for the pack of 4 in the middle (deer & candy canes) which are from Cath Kidston.

I also have to mention the lovely Imogen Smith who recently won the RSPCA's Christmas card competition. I love Imogen's illustrations (scroll down & on the righthand side you'll see a little bird drawn by her) & think her winnings designs for these cards are beautiful.

Imogen's winning designs, image taken from http://missimogensmith.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/i-won-rspca-christmas-card-competition.html#comment-form

Have you bought your Christmas cards yet? I love sending & receiving them but after having to pay 50p for a 2nd class stamp the other day (am I the only who is shocked by how much that measly stamp cost?!) I think this year I'll have to be a bit more stringent with how many I send (many of these designs would also make lovely e-cards, non?) :)



  1. Oh wow! Thank you! So lovely of you to mention my cards :)!! xx

    1. Absolute pleasure, I love your designs :) XX

  2. These cards are so lvely - i love the fold out robin one! i always find paperchase a little pricey though so might 'take inspiration' and make my own! x

    1. That's a really nice idea, I always think homemade cards are more special. I really like the handmade cards that Paperchase do but they're so expensive! DIY looks like the way forward :) X


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