05 October, 2012

Most Wanted: Everyday Leather Bag

Recently I have been contemplating replacing my beloved, & very battered, brown embossed leather bag. It's been my everyday bag for a long time (even being subjected to the odd bottle of wine smashing inside it, poor thing!) and unfortunately it's starting to look a little tatty :( I love the style & size of it though so want to replace it with something as similar as possible.

My first thought was to peruse Mulberry for some inspiration, but I'm sad to say I wasn't really overwhelmed (I'm looking for outer pockets & most of those babies just don't have them!) However, I came across the 'Roxanne' bag which, to my delight, is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. Just one downside, it's no longer in production :'(

The 'perfect' bag?

And so my search continues! These little beauties are some of the other possible replacements I've found...

I'm very much tempted by the first Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, it fits all my criteria but the price is a little off putting :/ I love the Cambridge Satchel Co. bag too but I don't know if it would be practical, or big, enough for a fit-everything-in-for-every-eventuality bag?

What are you thoughts, lovelies? Any ideas of places I may have overlooked on the quest for the 'perfect leather everyday bag'?



  1. I need a Mulberry Alexa in my life! It's not even a case of want. It's a full mentally written list of all the reasons I should buy it. Ah if only I had the pennies! Lovely blog & your hair is gorgeous!

    Hannah @ aprettymessuk xo

    1. Haha I know what you mean, I love Mulberry :)

      Thank you for the lovely comment XX

  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are fantastic - I have their Classic Q Groovee and I love it! I also have a Mulberry Alexa in Oak which is now my everyday bag. It's quite hardy though the strap and the turnlock with the flap can be a tad inconvenient at times.

    1. Wow thank you for the advice :) I'm really swaying towards a Marc Jacob one, I think it'll be less of a faff than the Alexa (even though its beautiful) X


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