29 October, 2012

Monday Review: Garnier Olia

Hello lovelies!

As my roots were in need of a touch-up I decided to try Garnier's new Olia dye. I've used their dyes many a time (my current favourite being their foam dye, mentioned in my June favourites), and so I was excited to try their new "innovation".

What Garnier say: The first oil-powered home hair colour: For the first time in home colour, oil does more than condition, it boosts the colouring process. A breakthrough in home hair colour: A new era begins with Olia – the first oil-powered permanent home hair colour. Contains 60% oils with natural flower oils and no ammonia. Sensorial application process: The drop-shaped bottle fits perfectly into the palm of the hand, allowing for controlled application. Velvety cream texture and a luxurious subtle fragrance, Garnier has helped transform the colouring routine into a new beauty ritual.

The first thing that I found strange about the contents of the box was that the developer cream was in a separate tube to the applicator, this meant I had to add both the developer & the dye colorant to the applicator bottle, rather than just the colorant like most at home dyes. I'm not sure what Garnier's reasoning behind this is but the process was quite difficult (the developer cream was quite gloopy & even when I thought I'd squeezed it all out, a steady drip continued to fall from the bottle). Once both parts were in the applicator, & had been thoroughly shaken, the actual application was very easy. As I've previously mentioned, the last few times I've dyed my hair I've used Garnier's foam which is really easy to use as it doesn't run off your hands & scalp. The consistency of the Olia dye is definitely liquid but it's closer to a really thick cream, this meant that at times the dye was a bit hard to rub into my hair but it also meant that there was no running & coverage was easy. The long pointed nib of the applicator was also really good at dividing the hair to make sure all of it was covered (this was especially helpful at the back of the head).

The colour result was really even & my hair was incredibly smooth & shiny; definitely happy!

Overall rating...
Overall I would give Garnier Olia 
As per the blurb, I did find the dye had a really nice subtle fragrance which was a lot more pleasant than most hair dyes, the conditioner was especially nice smelling.
The dye is available in 21 different shades, a large chunk of those shades being blonde tones. I used shade 5.0 Brown. One thing I didn't like about the packaging was the inability to actually see which shade was lighter & which was darker; I originally picked up shade 4.0 Light Brown as, surprisingly, it looked lighter on the box than shade 5.0, however, there was also a shade chart next to the dyes with little synthetic hair samples which showed that 5.0 was lighter, go figure?! I'm really happy with how the colour has come out but I'm still not sure which colour would be lighter.

Have you tried Garnier Olia? How did you find it & what shade did you use?


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