11 October, 2012

Hollywood Costume at the V&A

From the 20th October - 27th January the V&A will be hosting an incredible exhibition of some of Hollywood's most iconic costumes from the last century.

I read about this exhibition in November's Elle & thought it sounded incredible, some of the costumes on display include...

The thought of seeing some of these incredible costumes in 'the flesh' gives me goosebumps (am I the only one?) The curators of the exhibition have stated that the exhibition is very much about the characters that the costumes help to portray and not the clothes alone. Is it the costumes that help to make the films so iconic, or is it the whole package: acting, director, costume, set, plot etc.? What do you think? Either way I cannot wait & will be there, no doubt, with my nose pressed against the display cases soaking up the costumes' beauty & their magic.

Tickets are around £15 (including booking fee) so make sure you go!


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