24 August, 2012

To chop or not to chop, that is the question!

Right kids I've got a dilema, what to do with my lovely locks? I'm considering having a fringe cut but I can't make my mind up :(

Hair inspiration...

The more I look at these photos the more I'm inclined to take the chop (Daisy Lowe why your hair so good!?) 

My second dilema is whether to re-ombre my hair. Back in good ol' Deutschland I did a DIY ombre jobby which, in hindsight, probably wasn't the best idea (my hair's only just about recovered from all the bleach :/) BUT I now have the option of getting it done by a professional so I don't know whether to take the plunge again?

What are your thoughts on ombre hair? Is it a bit "done"? Help me decide!



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  2. Well, if you're indecisive because of the final result, that is you don't know if the fringe-cut will suit you, there are different websites apt for this =)you can upload a pic of yours and try several haircuts!!
    - http://www.dailymakeover.com/virtual-makeover
    - http://www.taaz.com/makeover/virtual-makeover.html
    - http://www.instyle.com/instyle/makeover/
    - http://www.stellure.com/

    Hope to be helpful! =) XX

    1. :O that's incredible! Mille grazie, Silvia :D I'll upload some pictures & let you know what I think :)

  3. chop for sure! but then i'm biased - i really love fringes.....

    1. I love them too, especially on the ladies above. I'm getting more & more tempted to take the plunge!

  4. Iv been having exactly the same dilemma....i spent my whole childhood with a fringe and that was the last time i had one.....my hairdresser has been saying go for it...she thinks it will look fab with my bright red hair....but it is a massive change...but if done right they can look so good!!
    Found you via the blog love therapy blog hop...and followed xx

    1. I agree, it's mostly the maintenance that puts me off but I think I've decided to go for it :) just need to book an appointment now!

      Thank you for following, I already follow you on GFC :) XX


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