10 August, 2012

Hi, my name's Charlee and I'm an addict...

OK, so 'addict' is quite a strong word to use but I'm not sure how else to describe my love of youtube make-up tutorials. I find myself watching them for hours :/ So, perhaps to try and justify my love to the rest of you, or bring you down to my level and get you all addicted too :D Here are some of my favourite youtube channels for beauty/make-up vids.

01. Lisa Eldridge Make Up Artist

Lisa is a British professional make-up artist. I love to watch her videos as they are simple, unpatronising and it's very clear she knows exactly what she's talking about.
Here's one of her videos that I have enjoyed.

02. Michelle Phan

Michelle is another professional make-up artist, based in the US. I find her voice so hypnotising! She speaks so softly & her advice is very down to earth; I don't like to be lectured when watching make-up tutorials. Michelle's videos range from extremes such as how to look like a Barbie doll to subtle Summer beach make-up, I like that she's not afraid to experiment and create such diverse looks.

03. Lancôme UK & Ireland

Lancôme's channel has a range of make-up tutorials by different artists, and product advertisements. The videos I liked the best were by Shella (apologies if that's spelt wrong, I couldn't see it anywhere on the video)

04. Niasays

Nia is the only non-professional in my list but I love her tutorials nonetheless! I like her chatty style and the fact that she often uses a lot of products that I have perhaps considered buying, NARS products in particular. This is one of her recent make-up tutorials which I thought was really really nice :)

05. Rimmel London

Rimmel has a lot of videos on their youtube channel, all (helpfully) categorised so you can easily find what you want. I really like their 'Brit Icon Make-up Tutorials' and their 'Rimmel London and Dirty Sexy Things' videos. The best thing about the Rimmel channel is their target audience, their videos are perfect for younger people wanting to experiment with make-up who perhaps can't afford MAC, Laura Mercier, Becca etc. (I'm 23 & I still struggle to afford some of the higher end stuff!) They're also nice & short so I don't feel too guilty watching a few before bed :)

Am I the only one? Does anyone else get hooked on watching these kind of videos? Do you have any channel suggestions for me to feed my addiction? Haha :D



  1. I came across this post after seeing Nia's RT and wow, these other channels you're recommending are fantastic! I've just subscribed to them :D Thank you so much for posting about this, it helps a lot!

    I also followed your blog on GFC -- love the combination of beauty, fashion and books. Whoever said pretty girls are nothing but vases should kick himself in the ass reading your page ^^

    1. Haha thank you, what a brilliant comment :D I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves make-up tutorials, I can literally spend hours & hours watching them, they're so mesmerising!

      Thank you very much for following :) XX

  2. Hi! New to your blog :)
    But I absolutely agree! I am so hooked on makeup tutorial videos & Lisa Eldridge is my favorite!

    There is also Promise Phan (who I believe is sister in laws with Michelle Phan) who transforms herself LITERALLY. I don't use her tutorials as guidelines but they are still so amazing to watch!


    1. Ahh good, it's not just me! Thank you for the new suggestion, that'll be another few days of my life lost to youtube, haha :D



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