10 July, 2012

Top 4: Mascaras

They say the eyes are a window to the soul, make that soul look mighty tempting with some beautiful mascara-ed lashes ;)

My criteria for a mascara is pretty simple: non-clumpy, lengthening, thickening and not too expensive. Here's a range of different products between £5-£16.

The mascaras in order of preference:

01. Accessorize 'Volumising Mascara', £5 for 5.5ml

Pros: beautiful packaging, no clumping, separates all my lashes leaving them looking super long and defined + only £5!
Cons: I can't say one bad thing about this product, I absolutely love it :)

Overall score: 

02. Max Factor 'False Lash Effect', £10.99 for 13.1ml

Pros: big brush which keeps all your lashes separated, my lashes had lots of volume and thickness. You also get a lot of product, I didn't realise before how much more mascara you get compared to others.
Cons: the price is a bit of a downside for me, I find that there are mascaras that are just as good (see above) for a lot less.

Overall score: 

03. Boots No. 17 'Wild Curls Mascara', £6.29 for 9ml (only available in the UK I believe)

Pros: I had a voucher from Boots to get this mascara for £1, yes one english pound! The quality of the product is pretty good, I've used it a few times now & found it to be very easy to use.
Cons: It was a little bit gloopy but I often find that that is the case with new mascaras. Also it's a tad pricey (at full price) so for that reason only it's 4 stars.

Overall score: 

04. Clinique 'High Impact Mascara', £16 for 8g

Pros: Brilliant product, easy to use, creates volume and length easily.
Cons: The price, for me £16 is way too much for a mascara, but if you're looking for a nice present or a little treat for yourself I'd definitely recommend it :)

Overall score: 

Have you tried any of these products? Which are your favourite? Let me know in the comments :)


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