27 July, 2012

MUA vs. Urban Decay -- Palette Wars!

MUA have recently released their new eyeshadow palette, the 'undressed' palette. It's not hard to see that this is a direct competitor to Urban Decay's 'naked' palette, with both name and eyeshadow shades being remarkably similar, one thing that does make MUA's palette stand out though: the price, a mere £4 compared to Urban Decay's £36.

So, let's compare...

Colour swatches:
01. Urban Decay:

'Virgin', 'Sin', 'Naked'

'Sidecar', 'Buck', 'Half Baked'

'Smog', 'Dark Horse', 'Toasted' 
'Smog', 'Dark Horse', 'Toasted',  'Hustle' + a little peek of 'Creep'
'Smog', 'Dark Horse', 'Toasted',  'Hustle', 'Creep' & 'Gunmetal'

02. MUA:

Shades 1-6
Shades 1-6, showing how shades 2, 4 & 6 really catch the light 
Shades 1 & 2

Shades 4-6 
Shades 7-12

Shades 7-9

Shades 10-12

The original: Urban Decay 'naked' palette

Pros: nicer packaging (mirror and brush included), colour pay off in the lighter shades is a lot better than the MUA ones (specifically shades 3 & 5).
Cons: the price; incredibly expensive for what you get + the packaging is a bit bulky, the MUA palette is much more compact.

The newcomer: MUA 'undressed' palette

Pros: almost the exact same shades as the 'naked' palette, colour pay off in the darker shades is actually a lot better (specifically shades 10-12 which are A LOT more pigmented), the price; £4 is a steal!
Cons: the packaging is a bit cheap (thin plastic).

Overall verdict: If I had to pick a favourite out of these two palettes I would have to say the MUA is a lot better. The fact that the packaging is a bit cheap doesn't really bother me at all as the price & quality of the shadows far outweigh that little downside. 

Well done, the newcomer!

Do you have these products? How do you think they compare? Let me know in the comments below :)


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  1. I was thinking about the naked palette, but now I want the MUA undressed... I already have 2 palettes from MUA and theyre very high quality :) so thank you for your post

    1. Definitely get the MUA one, their palettes are brilliant (I have three now :)) I'm glad you liked the review, thank you for your comment :)


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