03 July, 2012

A little something about love...

I'm posting this from Italy as it's one of the most beautiful things I've read in a long time & I had to share it. I've just finished The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy and these lines are from it. Originally from a poem by Edmund Gosse (1845-1928) called 'Two Points of View', Hardy slightly alters the lines in order for them to convey the true nature of love, particularly the heartache after losing a great love.

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If I forget,
The salt creek may forget the ocean;
If I forget
The heart whence flowed my heart's bright motion,
May I sink meanlier than the worst,
Abandoned, outcast, crushed, accurst --
If I forget.

Though you forget,
No word of mine shall mar your pleasure;
Though you forget --
You filled my barren life with treasure;
You may withdraw the gift you gave,
You still are queen, I still am slave,
Though you forget.



  1. Beautiful and deliciously poignant!

    1. Uff isn't it!? It should have been the book's epigraph, it sums the whole thing up so beautifully :)


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