20 July, 2012

July Favourites -- Italian Special

This month's favourites include three little wonders that I found on holiday :)

01. Garnier 'Ultra Dolce' Shampoo, 2/3€

It's such a shame that these products aren't available in the UK (if you know otherwise, tell me!) This shampoo was brilliant, it smelt amazing & left my hair really fresh & clean, plus there was about 10 different 'flavours' to choose from :)

02. Nivea 'Diamond Gloss' Conditioner, 2/3€

The same with this conditioner, it smelt so good! (Like the shampoo and conditioners used in hair salons, L'Oreal? Wella? I'm not sure but it smelt good!) It left my hair really soft and smooth which considering the amount of saltwater and sand it was exposed to + 90% humidity, this little baby was a miracle worker.

03. LetiBalm lip balm, 6.50€ (approx.)

I had a pot of this lip balm before (given to me by my boyfriend as I needed one) & I've not found a better one since. With this in mind I knew I had to stock up as soon as I got to Italy! It's about 6.50€ per pot but you don't need very much and each pot will last a really long time + it smells really good, sort of pineapple-y. It's quite a thick consistency, unlike Vaseline which I find just slides off your lips. If you pass an Italian pharmacy, make sure you go & treat yourself :)


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