29 July, 2012

♡ Label Lust ♡ -- Lazy Oaf

4th in my 'label lust' list is Lazy Oaf's Batman collection: Lazy Oaf x Batman.

Lazy oaf x batman bat logo bodysuit £45




LAZY OAF X BATMAN HAPPY BATMAN SLOB T-SHIRT £38 (my personal favourite)




Na na na na na na na LOVE IT :D


27 July, 2012

MUA vs. Urban Decay -- Palette Wars!

MUA have recently released their new eyeshadow palette, the 'undressed' palette. It's not hard to see that this is a direct competitor to Urban Decay's 'naked' palette, with both name and eyeshadow shades being remarkably similar, one thing that does make MUA's palette stand out though: the price, a mere £4 compared to Urban Decay's £36.

So, let's compare...

Colour swatches:
01. Urban Decay:

'Virgin', 'Sin', 'Naked'

'Sidecar', 'Buck', 'Half Baked'

'Smog', 'Dark Horse', 'Toasted' 
'Smog', 'Dark Horse', 'Toasted',  'Hustle' + a little peek of 'Creep'
'Smog', 'Dark Horse', 'Toasted',  'Hustle', 'Creep' & 'Gunmetal'

02. MUA:

Shades 1-6
Shades 1-6, showing how shades 2, 4 & 6 really catch the light 
Shades 1 & 2

Shades 4-6 
Shades 7-12

Shades 7-9

Shades 10-12

The original: Urban Decay 'naked' palette

Pros: nicer packaging (mirror and brush included), colour pay off in the lighter shades is a lot better than the MUA ones (specifically shades 3 & 5).
Cons: the price; incredibly expensive for what you get + the packaging is a bit bulky, the MUA palette is much more compact.

The newcomer: MUA 'undressed' palette

Pros: almost the exact same shades as the 'naked' palette, colour pay off in the darker shades is actually a lot better (specifically shades 10-12 which are A LOT more pigmented), the price; £4 is a steal!
Cons: the packaging is a bit cheap (thin plastic).

Overall verdict: If I had to pick a favourite out of these two palettes I would have to say the MUA is a lot better. The fact that the packaging is a bit cheap doesn't really bother me at all as the price & quality of the shadows far outweigh that little downside. 

Well done, the newcomer!

Do you have these products? How do you think they compare? Let me know in the comments below :)


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25 July, 2012

If there's one book you must read... Week #16

Book #16 -- Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Chosen by Mr. Tom Rokins.

What Tom says: 'It's awesome - an epic journey of six lives, ranging from a colonial-era American visiting tribal islands, to a political thriller in 70s California, to a dystopian hyper-capitalist Korea, full circle to a post-apocalyptic world filled with tribes. Each of the six stories is inextricably linked to the next, but what makes it special is that they're sandwiched - you get the first half of the first story, then have to wait until the last chapter to pick it up again. Only the middle one is given in full. It's really exciting, especially the third and fifth stories, and spans so many eras and genres that it's hard to get bored. Won't be for everyone but I massively recommend it!' 

Amazon blurb: ''Souls cross ages like clouds cross skies ...'

A reluctant voyager crossing the Pacific in 1850; a disinherited composer blagging a precarious livelihood in between-the-wars Belgium; a high-minded journalist in Governor Reagans California; a vanity publisher fleeing his gangland creditors; a genetically modified dinery server on death-row; and Zachry, a young Pacific Islander witnessing the nightfall of science and civilisation the narrators of Cloud Atlas hear each others echoes down the corridor of history, and their destinies are changed in ways great and small.

In his extraordinary third novel, David Mitchell erases the boundaries of language, genre and time to offer a meditation on humanitys dangerous will to power, and where it may lead us.'

This is another book which I already own & am still yet to read, however, it's now definitely moved a lot higher up my 'to read' pile. Have you read this book? What did you think?

What's your 'must read' book? Let me know via twitter :) any author, any genre, any year of publication, let's make this collection of books as diverse and exciting as it can be.


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20 July, 2012

July Favourites -- Italian Special

This month's favourites include three little wonders that I found on holiday :)

01. Garnier 'Ultra Dolce' Shampoo, 2/3€

It's such a shame that these products aren't available in the UK (if you know otherwise, tell me!) This shampoo was brilliant, it smelt amazing & left my hair really fresh & clean, plus there was about 10 different 'flavours' to choose from :)

02. Nivea 'Diamond Gloss' Conditioner, 2/3€

The same with this conditioner, it smelt so good! (Like the shampoo and conditioners used in hair salons, L'Oreal? Wella? I'm not sure but it smelt good!) It left my hair really soft and smooth which considering the amount of saltwater and sand it was exposed to + 90% humidity, this little baby was a miracle worker.

03. LetiBalm lip balm, 6.50€ (approx.)

I had a pot of this lip balm before (given to me by my boyfriend as I needed one) & I've not found a better one since. With this in mind I knew I had to stock up as soon as I got to Italy! It's about 6.50€ per pot but you don't need very much and each pot will last a really long time + it smells really good, sort of pineapple-y. It's quite a thick consistency, unlike Vaseline which I find just slides off your lips. If you pass an Italian pharmacy, make sure you go & treat yourself :)


18 July, 2012

If there's one book you must read... Week #15

Book #15 -- Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Chosen by my very good friend, Sarah.

What Sarah says: 'The novel is so unusual and surreal. It's really beautifully written, but one of the saddest books I've ever read.'

Amazon blurb: 'When he hears her favourite Beatles song, Toru Watanabe recalls his first love Naoko, the girlfriend of his best friend Kizuki. Immediately he is transported back almost twenty years to his student days in Tokyo, adrift in a world of uneasy friendships, casual sex, passion, loss and desire - to a time when an impetuous young woman called Midori marches into his life and he has to choose between the future and the past.'

Personally, I've not heard of this novel which is why I enjoy writing these 'one book you must read' posts so much because there's such a variety & definitely something for everyone.

If you have a brilliant book that you'd like to add to the collection contact me via twitter & you could be one of the 'must reads' over the coming weeks :)


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17 July, 2012

MUA 'Going for Gold' Palette

In the spirit of all things Olympics, MUA were recently giving away their 'Going for Gold' palette for free if you spent £8 or more online. Not being one to like to miss out on a deal, I put in an order straight away!

The palette consists of 10 shades, all shimmery, some very metallic, ranging from nudey shimmers to highly pigmented yellow-golds, bronzes and gunmetal silvers. Unlike their previous palettes, the shades are square, as opposed to round, making it look like you get a lot more for your money.

Let's get a closer look...

Some of the shades look quite a lot different when swatched on the skin, what do you think?

This last photo is to show how pale and delicate the first four shades (from the left, two on the top, two on the bottom) are. Below is MUA's colour swatch, as you can see the shades look a lot more pigmented.

All in all, I think this is a brilliant palette. The colours are brilliant, with a varied selection of metallics and shimmers. The fact that some shades are much lighter, for me, is a benefit, I much prefer to wear nude tones during the day so these are perfect -- they're also brilliant for highlighting. The other, more pigmented, colours look stunning along the lower lashline and give your eyes a real pop. + for £4, or free in my case, I don't think you'll find a better palette or variety of colours.


Buy the palette from MUA.

Coming soon: MUA's 'undressed' palette review -- MUA vs. Urban Decay :)

15 July, 2012

♡ Label Lust ♡ -- Ted Baker

Recently Ted Baker has really caught my eye, full of beautifully printed fabrics and classic shapes + now there's a sale on (bonus!)

I absolutely love birds and this season T.B. has some stunning bird print pieces. My favourites are:

 FLORAH £229


 DEHA £129


LYNFORD printed silk scarf £85 


But not just birds, woah no! Check out these little beauties...

 CUFAL £45

 NAPPA top £89



Ohhh there's way too many things on my wishlist now :( any of these suitable graduation dresses do you think? :)

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