24 June, 2012

June Favourites - Beauty

OHAI! This month's favourites are all beauty products :)

01. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam, £4.50 (currently on offer at Boots) in shade 4.15 'Iced Mocha'

I've been dying my hair for longer than I can remember so anything that makes it easier is golden in my book! I've recently been using Garnier Nutrisse hairdyes and have found the colour to be really good + the conditioner that comes with the dye leaves your hair super soft and silky :) the foam formula of this particular dye makes it much easier to use, compared to the traditional liquid. I found that the foam meant that application was a lot easier and thorough. I was certain that all my hair had been covered and the end result was brilliant. I cannot fault it at all, especially now that it's on offer for only £4.50, bargain!

02. Kleenex make-up wipes, £1.99

I originally bought these wipes when they first came out as they were on offer in Tescos. Since then I've bought cheaper wipes only to reinforce how good the Kleenex ones actually are. The wipe itself is thick and quilted meaning you're able to use the wipe more like a cloth. Every single one was also really wet (am I the only one who sometimes finds the wipes towards the top of a new packet are a bit dry?) Perfect for sensitive skin and eyes, the best make-up wipes I've used in a long time.

03. Superdrug 'Simply Pure' SPF15 face cream for sensitive skin, £2.59

This was a money saver (I was feeling too tight to buy my usual Simple light moisturiser!) For the money it's very good; it smells pleasant, leaves my face feeling soft and moisturised all day + it contains SPF :) the only downside was the formulation, the only thing I can liken it to is suncream, it's quite thick and takes a little bit of effort to rub it in, apart from that, thumbs up!

04. Garnier Ambre Solaire 'Golden Protect' Medium SPF20, £7.49

I'm a sucker for anything shimmery so this suncream is poifect! It doesn't contain any fake tan (seriously, why does that not exist?!) BUT it does contain a pearly shimmer and it smells divine. What more could a girl want from a suncream? :)

Let me know if you've tried any of the products, what did you think? I also got a sample of Benefit's 'the Porefessional' to try, from this month's Glamour, maybe it will make next month's favourites :)


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