28 May, 2012

Top 5: Foundations

As someone who's tried many a foundation, low and high-end, I thought I'd compile the top 5 that I've come across.

My criteria for a good foundation is: good coverage, without being cakey; long lasting; non-greasy/something that doesn't slide off your face; & good colour match.

I have a fairly uneven complexion (colour-wise) and so look for something with medium+ coverage. I am also quite fair so can struggle to find a good colour match; no one wants to look like a tangerine!

The foundations, in no particular order:

01. Clarins 'Ever Matte', spoken about here previously, £24 for 30ml.

Pros: Coverage is very good, smells really good, + it's nice and light and doesn't feel cakey. Also oil free. Contains SPF 15 so good for your delicate facial skin.
Cons: A little pricey, I can see myself getting through it fairly quickly, it stays put but if I were to rub my face it would come off :( Contains SPF 15, also a con as SPF creates a "ghost face" when under bright lights/a camera flash.

Colour I wear: 105 Nude.
Good match? VERY good colour match, probably the best I've ever found.

Overall score: 

02. Rimmel 'Wake Me Up', previously reviewed here, £8.99 for 30ml.

Pros: Cheap as chips (when I bought it it was on offer for £6.99 :O bargain!) + very good coverage & nice smell. Contains SPF 15 (see above).
Cons: After a while my face looked a little greasy & it didn't last all day without a little top-up. Contains SPF 15 (see above).

Colour I wear: 103 True Ivory.
Good match? If I were to buy this again I'd go for a shade lighter (101 Ivory), the 103 is a little dark, however, it will be perfect for the summer :)

Overall score: 

03. L'Oreal 'Roll'on True Match', £13.29 for 7.5g (quantity in g as opposed to ml due to the nature of the foundation, this one being a solid compact).

Pros: Fairly cheap, very easy application, comes in a handy compact.
Cons: The amount you get doesn't last very long (I'd get through one lot in 4-6 weeks), it also has a tendency to look a little greasy/slide off my face -- this was helped by using a primer.

Colour I wear: R2/C2/K2 Rose Vanilla.
Good match? A little dark but again, very good for the summer.

Overall score: 

04. Laura Mercier 'Silk Creme', £33 for 35ml.

Pros: Very good coverage.
Cons: The price :( the colour match wasn't great, the colour I had was one of the lightest (maybe the lightest?) & it was still a bit too dark. It's also quite drying, even for someone who has a more oily skin type.

Colour I wear: Cream Ivory.
Good match? Average.

Overall score: 

05. Estee Lauder 'Double Wear', £26.50 for 30ml.

Pros: Excellent staying power, needs no top-ups throughout the day :) Contains SPF 10 (see above).
Cons: It's quite expensive, the formula is a little sticky & if you don't apply it fairly quick it sets & won't blend for love nor money! Contains SPF 10 (see above).

Colour I wear: 1N1 ECRU 16.
Good match? Very good match, a little dark but I was happy with it.

Overall score: 

I'd love to know what you think of these foundations, have you tried any of them? All links to buy products are to boots.com with the exception of the Laura Mercier foundation which is available at Space:NK.



  1. I've tried and changed a tide of foundations in these years too and I'm currently using a rimmel liquid one (103 true ivory, just as yours)that with the red cap-don't remember exactly the name;it costs about €13 here. I think it's quite good but sometimes it tends to slide after some hours and to get a little greasy-don't know if that was because of the primer I put before or because of other reasons. Previous foundations I tried were a compact one of Oreal, Rimmel liquid and compact ones, the mousse of Maybellin and maybe many others.
    I've your same problem, regarding the tone of the skin and consequently the correspondant tone of the foundation- a solution may be that of mixing 2 different tones but it is an additional cost.Now I'd like to try the Bare minerals, these products are in powder and I think they're great during the summer because there's no oil in there, they're transpiring and have a lighter effect. :-)

  2. I've thought about trying Bare Minerals, the demonstrations of the foundation look incredible (a little bit too good!) If you try it, let me know how you get on. Estee Lauder 'Double Wear' is brilliant though, if you want a really good, long-lasting, foundation I'd definitely recommend it :)

    1. Thanks for the advice!!! :-) and sure, as soon as I buy Bare Minerals foundation, I'll review it! xx


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