19 May, 2012

Long time no see...

FINALLY the end is in sight for my degree! Just one assignment left & then I'm done, which means I can do fun things again like blog & read for pleasure :D

Currently on my reading list is Jackie Collins Hollywood Wives: The New Generation. Before you say/think anything, hold your judgement! For any of you who didn't see my one book you must read week #5 you'll see I have my reasons for my Jackie love, + after so much brain exercise over the last few months I need something fun & easy to read. I did, however, recently order myself some 1p books from Amazon which are a little more high brow. There's Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, and The Woodlanders because, well I've stated it many a time, I love Thomas Hardy :)

Last week the Ital was here, only for a short visit this time as it's been a deadline frenzy for us both, but he came for our Summer Ball. This was one of the many photos of an amazing night.

I have lots of new posts planned so keep your peepers peeled ;)

As always,


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