31 May, 2012

60 Years on the Throne -- God Save the Queen

Anyone who lives in the UK, or has been here recently, will know that we, as a nation, have gone completely Jubilee mad and I for one love it!
Here is a selection of the best souvenirs, party pieces and general good ol' Jubilee bits & bobs that I've found :)
Firstly, souvenirs... (click photos to enlarge)

01. The Royal Collection Coffee mug £25 (1952 quote from QEII on the back: 'I shall always work to advance the happiness and prosperity of my peoples spread as they are all over the world')

03. Keyring (which sits proudly on my keys) £4

06. Ted Baker purse £79.20

Secondly, party decorations...

02. Bunting £7

03. Cake decorations £3.50

04. Pint glasses £2.99

07. Cupcake thrones (personal favourite of mine) £6.50

09. 3 litre bottle of Pimm's £150 (it is huuuuge!)

11. Corgis £1,953, however, corgis all around your house in different poses: priceless!

12. Royal family masks (ready & waiting in my bag, for the weekend) £7.99

14. Afternoon Teastand £9.75

I hope all these bits & bobs get you in a Jubilicious mood :D What are you doing for the Jubilee? Let me know via the comments, or via twitter

God Save the Queen! 

P.S. I couldn't not include this card, it makes me laugh so much :)

Buy it here :)

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