23 April, 2012

Charity Shop Finds on St. George's Day

Just a quick post to say:

01. Happy St. George's Day :D

A card my housemate received, I didn't even know they existed! :)

02. I found some really nice second hand books today, in the Oxfam bookshop, Chester.

Poetry of the First World War,  a book on birds, poetry 1837-1937 which I LOVE & part of Paradise Lost

I absolutely love pictures of birds & this book is so beautifully bound (+ over 100 years old)

I love Hardy, end of. 

I hope everyone is having a nice April, despite the awful weather! I'll be back to blogging full time very soon (7296/8000 words of my dissertation done :D woo!)


18 April, 2012

Pasqua - An Italian Easter

Some snapshots of my last trip to Italy :) really busy with dissertation work etc at the moment but I'll be back to blogging properly as soon as possible X

 A godsend!

 Easter Monday in the countryside

 Snow-capped mountains
My teeny kitten friend

14 April, 2012

Nearer My God To Thee

15th April 1912 - 15th April 2012

I'm sure most people will be aware of the significance of these dates, one of course being tomorrow's date, however, for those unsure they mark the anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

For me, like many people, I was first made aware of the Titanic after the 1997 film. Since then I have wanted to know more and more about the "unsinkable ship". Instead of citing facts and figures about the event, I've decided to compile some bits and bobs that I've found of interest regarding the Titanic, let me know if you've found them interesting too :)

With this year being the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic's maiden voyage, and sinking, there has been an awful lot in the media about the ship. Two TV programmes in particular that I have found interesting are Titanic with Len Goodman and ITV's drama adaptation Titanic. The former is a three part documentary discussing the untold stories of Titanic: the building beforehand in Belfast, the massive loss of life from the city of Southampton, and the countless other people, both heroic and cowardly, who make up the rich story that is Titanic's sinking. The ITV four part drama was a lot harder to get into, partly because of it's similarity to the James Cameron film, partly because of its structure. Unlike the 1997 film, the TV drama shows the different stories of characters on board the ship, with the sinking taking place at the end of each episode. Personally, I thought this was an interesting way to tell the story, after all we're aware of how it will end, so it's a bit different showing different perspectives and how they all cross over. Unfortunately the budget is nowhere near as impressive as Cameron's film and at times the series suffers because of it.

To coincide with the 100 year anniversary there has been a re-release of Titanic (1997), also showing in 3D. Watching the film 15 years after its original release was a really interesting experience for me; as an 8 year old I found the story exciting and compelling, however, as a 23 year old I was so much more moved by the real life background the fictional plot is set upon. Watching the film in 3D was incredible, seeing the real life Titanic, from the submersible's camera, appearing out of the darkness was breath-taking and I implore anyone who hasn't seen the film in 3D to go as soon as possible :)

As well as the different media interpretations of the Titanic story there's also some really interesting exhibits to visit. I recently visited the Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool, just around the corner from the White Star Line offices on James Street. I didn't think I'd find maritime history, aside from the Titanic exhibits, particularly interesting but it's well worth a visit. Also close to my heart is Beacon Park, in my home town of Lichfield, home to a large bronze statue of Capt. Smith of the Titanic.

Finally, BBC Radio 2 are broadcasting a minute-by-minute account of the sinking, starting at 23:30, just before the berg struck, this evening. The BBC's blurb: The story is set to a soundtrack of live music reflecting the band of musicians who valiantly played on until they were silenced by the water. As the Titanic sank it was to a surreal soundtrack of popular songs. While the boats were lowered Alexander's Ragtime Band echoed around the decks and over the water. Because the ship's engines had stopped, and the night was so still, the music could be heard over a mile away. This was surely one of the most poignant musical performances in history. Now, Radio 2 offers a completely new take on one of the most infamous disasters in history, using the music of the ship's orchestra as a framework around which to build a powerful narrative which takes the audience through the events of the night, minute by minute.

Hopefully it will be a fitting tribute to the disaster, listen live here from 11:30pm.

Newspaper boy Ned Parfett sells copies of the Evening News in London on 16th April telling of the Titanic disaster. Source: Getty Images

Title: The now famous piece of music that Titanic's band were said to have played in the moments before the ship foundered. Shown in Cameron's film here:


11 April, 2012

If there's one book you must read... Week #8

Book #8 'the tense one' -- Talking to the Dead by Helen Dunmore

Chosen by my Ma, Christine :)

What she says: 'It is a story of sibling rivalry and shared childhood secrets, that explains the 'love/hate' emotions that exist within families. It has beautiful, evocative descriptions throughout. As the story develops, the undercurrent of tension, that has been slowly simmering beneath the surface, builds to a dramatic conclusion.'

Amazon blurb: 'There’s nothing closer than sisters… Unloved by their distant mother, Isabel and Nina cemented their bond in childhood when tragedy struck the family. Many years later, with the difficult birth of Isabel’s first child, it is Nina who comes to stay and help out her older sister. But Nina has other, important reasons for being under her sister’s roof – not least is Isabel’s husband, Richard. Yet the tragedy that drew two sisters together so many years ago still has the power to wrench them apart…'

Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know your 'must read' book on twitter :)


Buy from Amazon

01 April, 2012

Ey up me duck!

Yesterday's debacle is bought to you in association with the city of Leicester, East Midlands.

I say debacle, in actual fact I had a brilliant day, it just wasn't the day that we had originally planned. The original plan for Saturday 31st March, 2012 was to visit Leicester, to watch Leicester Tigers play Worcester Warriors, however, Tigers decided to not only change the kick off time for the match but also the day, good one! The game instead took place the day before and due to poor communication from the club we were unaware of the change until sitting on the train platform, tickets in hand. I double checked the kick off time, only to be confronted by yesterday's final score. Not cool. So, with return train tickets already purchased my Ma & I decided to make the best out of a bad situation & decided our new destination for the day would be Highcross shopping centre, Leicester city centre (every cloud eh ;)).

I'd not been to Leicester shopping since I was very young, all my Mum's family are Leicester born and bred so it used to rank very high on my travel to list, before my Grandma moved. Anyhow, let's cut this autobiography short & cut to the good stuff: the clothes!

Topshop & Zara were my havens for the afternoon, items purchased include:


01. Japanese-style citrus-y lovely-ness that is this cute playsuit

02. Peace sign/Ban the Bomb leggings

On to Zara...

03. Be-a-uuuutiful peach leather bag with rose gold hardware

04. & finally this chunky knit, pale pink, cardigan

It was really nice to shop somewhere different for a change. Highcross, like pretty much every shopping centre across the country, has all the shops you could want + some really nice restaurants (I didn't miss the opportunity to get my Wagamamas fix whilst I was there :)) I also tried on a couple of ball-ish dresses, nothing particularly excited me though so at the mo I'm still holding out on one of the Love dresses being 'the one'.

I'm going to Italy tomorrow, wooo *cheer* hooray! So I won't be blogging very much for the next 10 days or so and there won't be a 'If there's one book you must read' this week :( I do, however, have a couple of other posts lined up & the 'must read' books will be back the week after.

I hope you're all having a brilliant weekend, did anyone catch the Harlequins v. Saracens game yesterday? My Pa told me it was a goodun + with Chris Robshaw AND Danny Care playing who can complain? :D

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