04 March, 2012

Topshop CH1

I've been rather busy recently (with the Ital visiting) BUT last Thursday saw the opening of the new (& improved) Topshop Chester :) *yaaay* + check out the canvas bags Topman are giving away, very niiice :)

I went in on opening day to have a little mooch round & was given a free 'All About Me' lipstick, how exciting. I also found some really nice things which have been promptly added to my wish list. These include:

01. Cat-eye sunglasses (£16 -- price no longer on site :/ however, from memory I think these bad boys were about £16) I love these sunglasses! I've never managed to find a pair of cat-eye glasses that suit me but these looked really nice, as soon as I have some dollar I may treat myself to a pair, the sun has been out an awful lot recently!

This top was gorgeous in the flesh, in the photo it looks a bit meh :( it's very delicate & sparkly & metallic, I thought it was be-a-utiful. It seemed very versatile as well, perfect day-to-night top.

03. Black cross cami/dress (£22)
Similarly with this cami, I can imagine wearing this in the day with jeans and flats or with wedges at night. The cross looks very see-through in the photos but it was a lot more subtle in the flesh (promise!)

04. Dipped-hem dress (£38)
This dress was featured as a 'must have' at the very front of the store. I'm not sure how flattering it would be on, but I loved the colours and pattern + it's lovely and silky & could be dressed up or down for summer.

As well as these beauties I'm on the hunt for a dress for my Summer ball. It's a black tie event but I'd like something not too stuffy. I fancy a long gown as I've never really owned one & it would be the perfect occasion to wear one. So far I've not come across anything particularly nice, a few that have caught my eye are:

01. Limited Edition Emerald Green gown (£175)
As soon as I saw this dress I immediately thought of the green dress worn by Keira Knightley in Atonement. It was such a beautiful, elegant dress that I thought a similar one would be perfect, I'm just not 100% how nice the material would be :/

THE dress worn by Keira Knightley in Atonement

02. Hieroglyphic dress by UNIQUE (£165)
I thought this was an interesting option. I love the pattern, I think it would look really nice around curves and lady shapes :)

03. Love chiffon dresses
I love these Love dresses. In my head I'd decided I'd perhaps like a black, chiffon-y, dipped-hem, strapless dress so I was verrry excited to find all these. I really like all of these and best of all they're all between £40-£48. At the moment I'm really drawn to the navy, strapless, asymmetrical dress. I think it would look brilliant with some killer heels & a few choice pieces of jewellery. Hmmm decisions!

Navy asymmetrical maxi

Black asymmetrical maxi

Black cross-bust maxi

Navy strapless asymmetrical maxi


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