22 March, 2012

LDN & ME and Deboe

As you may be aware from tweets over the last few days, I've been to London! I went with my friend Matthew to see his sister's band (ME and Deboe) play, but a bit more about that later...

London has been bathed in beautiful sunshine for the past week or so and the last couple of days were no exception :) We ended up in the British Museum and found it incredible; there's too much to see! I ended up taking a few instagram shots of my highlights...

After an afternoon of feeling very cultured we dashed home, got changed, and went out to Proud Camden to watch ME and Deboe compete in 'The Showdown' (battle of the bands in old money ;)). I'd never seen them play before but from the recorded stuff I'd heard I was very excited :) suffice to say they were brilliant, the only acoustic band, and the only ladies playing, they blew the other groups out of the water and won the evening, putting them through to the final in April. If you haven't heard of them have a gander at their website & make sure you check out the video below, I loooove this song :)


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