26 March, 2012

Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Commiteh

Kitties and puppies everywhere! Here's a small selection of the best items for SS12, I've found so far...

Lazy Oaf 'Black Cat Tee Dress' £50 or £40 from ASOS

ASOS Cat over the knee sock £6

Topshop Cat Shirt (SOLD OUT) :(

I love this so much!

Zara Terrier print shorts/culottes £29.95 

Sneaky photos taken in store :)

My particular faves are the Topshop cat shirt & the Zara terrier culottes. I can't find either online (hence the sneaky in store photos of the Zara shorts), BUT I know there's been some of the cat shirts on eBay so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one will come up :)

What are your thoughts on animals on clothing? I love them :D


Anyone who loves Lolcats, the title is for you :D

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