14 March, 2012

If there's one book you must read... Week #5

Book #5 'The Jackie Collins one' -- Thrill! by Jackie Collins

Chosen by moi :)

My P.O.V.: So, Jackie Collins where to start? The name will immediately conjure certain preconceived ideas about her fiction & yes, some of these ideas will be true (check out the leopard print cover & the jaguar!) :D but, despite the "trashy" label I absolutely LOVED this book. I read it whilst on holiday last Summer (FYI perfect beach book), my friend Danielle is a massive Jackie fan & took two of her books with us. I, on the other hand, took James Joyce Dubliners, A.S. Byatt Angels and Insects, and Maria Edgeworth Castle Rackrent on holiday (FYI definitely NOT beach books!) Within days I was bored of my Summer reads & so thought I'd try a bit of Jackie. I'll happily admit I wasn't expecting it to be very good but I've not enjoyed a book so much in a long time. Yes there's the expected clichés BUT there's also a pretty compelling plot, a very good twist and of course good healthy measures of sex and romance, but isn't that what most of us would like from a beach read? 
I can now safely say I am a full Jackie convert and to be completely honest I'm looking forward to the Summer, and the end of my degree, so that I can go back to Jackie for some exciting, easy reading, after all the heavy stuff of the last 4 years of my literature degree.

Amazon blurb: 'Lara Ivory is a dazzling movie star with the world at her feet. But at thirty-two she has yet to find a man capable of coexisting with such a tempting object of desire. Lara's ex-husband, Richard Barry, is a successful film director now married to Nikki, who is producing her first movie, Revenge. Nikki likes to keep Richard close. But Richard is not the kind of man who takes orders -- even from a beautiful woman. On the surface, these three are great friends, but when Nikki persuades Lara to star in Revenge, a bitter struggle for control of Lara's life begins. Then Lara meets Joey Lorenzo, a handsome young actor with a mysterious past. And before she can stop herself, she is swept up in an affair so sensual, nobody can warn her of the dangers. And still, no one has noticed Alison Sewell. A pyschotic stalker -- hiding behind her camera lens, focused solely on Lara...'

Are there any other Jackie fans out there? The woman, in my opinion, is incredible & I love her. Let me know what you think & tell me your 'must read' book on twitter.


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