29 February, 2012

If there's one book you must read... Week #3

Book #3 'The Italian one' -- The Late Mattia Pascal (Il fu Mattia Pascal) by Luigi Pirandello

Chosen by my friend Silvia :)

What Silvia says: 'It's a classic of Italian literature and I'd recommend this book because of its main theme of identity. The reading of the book isn't particularly fluid and it could be seen as a little boring -- this is the author's style -- but it helps in your personal reflection of yourself, what we do and how we behave in society. The protagonist decides to change his name and runs away from home, in order to create a new identity. By changing his identity he realises he can't accomplish anything within society and cannot function with his new, fake identity. Pirandello underlines the condition concerning everyone through one person, his protagonist: we can't escape from our identity because it's integral in order to relate to others and with reality. As social individuals we'll always have specific characteristics that form our identity.'

Amazon blurb: 'Mattia Pascal endures a life of drudgery in a provincial town. Then, providentially, he discovers that he has been declared dead. Realizing he has a chance to start over, to do it right this time, he moves to a new city, adopts a new name, and a new course of life—only to find that this new existence is as insufferable as the old one. But when he returns to the world he left behind, it's too late: his job is gone, his wife has remarried. Mattia Pascal's fate is to live on as the ghost of the man he was. An explorer of identity and its mysteries, a connoisseur of black humor, Nobel Prize winner Luigi Pirandello is among the most teasing and profound of modern masters. The Late Mattia Pascal, here rendered into English by the outstanding translator William Weaver, offers an irresistible introduction to this great writer's work'

What do you think? + tell me your 'must read' book on twitter :) 

Don't forget World Book Day 1st March 2012, see their website for events across the UK and Ireland.


Buy from Amazon (English version) or original Italian version.

22 February, 2012

If there's one book you must read... Week #2

Book #2 'An outlook changer' -- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Chosen by friend Helen :)

What Helen says: 'I was in a bad place when I read it, it totally changed the way I think.'

Amazon blurb: 'The Alchemist presents a simple fable, based on simple truths and places it in a highly unique situation. And though we may sense a bestselling formula, it is certainly not a new one: even the ancient tribal storytellers knew that this is the most successful method of entertaining an audience while slipping in a lesson or two. Brazilian storyteller Paulo Coehlo introduces Santiago, an Andalucian shepherd boy who one night dreams of a distant treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. And so he's off: leaving Spain to literally follow his dream.
Along the way he meets many spiritual messengers, who come in unassuming forms such as a camel driver and a well-read Englishman. In one of the Englishman's books, Santiago first learns about the alchemists--men who believed that if a metal were heated for many years, it would free itself of all its individual properties, and what was left would be the "Soul of the World." Of course he does eventually meet an alchemist, and the ensuing student-teacher relationship clarifies much of the boy's misguided agenda, while also emboldening him to stay true to his dreams. "My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer," the boy confides to the alchemist one night as they look up at a moonless night. "Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself," the alchemist replies. "And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity."' 

What do you think? + tell me your 'must read' book on twitter :)


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19 February, 2012

LFW Mulberry AW12

Friday saw the start of London Fashion Week 2012. Every year I look for snippets of designers that I like (elleuk.com being my go-to site) and without fail, Mulberry's shows every season are am-ah-ziiing! This year was no exception with the collection taking inspiration from the book Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. I loved loved loved the Mulberry Monster :D

After the show, early this afternoon, Mulberry announced that they were giving away the last few Monster LFW tote bags from a couple of their London stores, I'm so sad I wasn't able to get one :(

So, my favourites from Mulberry AW12 were:

01. The Del Rey. Lana has gone and got her own bag the lucky lady! Like Alexa before her, Mulberry's new bag bears Ms. Del Rey's name. I don't know if I like it as much as the Alexa, it's very plain, but Mulberry simply don't make horrible bags so in the scheme of things it's pretty darn spesh!

Lana with her 'Del Rey' in white ostrich 

The Del Rey in black leather

02. Mulberry's models' be-a-utiful braided hair :O it's a sight to behold and honestly I'm not quite sure where you'd start with this style but I love it. I'm a big fan of braided hair, especially a nice fishtail plait so I might spend a few hours practising this bad boy!

In attendance were two of my most faves at the moment: the gorgeous Michelle Williams and Mr. (Patrick) Tinie Tempah :D

Ever the Mulberry fan, currently on my wishlist (for this season) are:

01. Continental Wallet in 'Plaster Pink' soft spongy leather with rose gold hardware (£250) I had a closer look at this wallet at Selfridges on Oxford Street last Thursday and it's just as lovely in the flesh, nom nom :)

02. Lily in 'Plaster Pink' wrinkled patent leather (£495) Due to the rather large price tag on this one I think it will remain firmly on my wishlist, fingers crossed someone will feel kind and generous for the wallet though, well here's to hoping!


All photos mulberry.com

18 February, 2012

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

I've recently discovered The Civil Wars and I cannot get enough of them. My guilty pleasure is a bit of country (you can't beat a bit of Dolly ;)) and The Civil Wars have the most beautiful harmonies nom nom nom! Anyway! I heard their cover of 'You Are My Sunshine' on youtube and thought it was stunning. I've known the song, like most people, since I was tiny but, like many others I'm sure, I didn't realise how sad and dark the rest of the lyrics are. For those of you unaware I'll post them under the video, check it out, buy their album, tell me what you think :)

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine 
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamt I held you in my arms.
When I awoke dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head and cried.

I'll always love you and make you happy
If you could only say the same.
If you leave me and love another
You'll regret it all someday.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.

In all my dreams dear, you seem to leave me
When I awake my poor heart aches.
So when you come back and make me happy
I'll forgive and take all the blame.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.


15 February, 2012

If there's one book you must read... Week #1

I love love love books: I'm a literature student, it's part of our DNA. With this in mind, I've decided to compile a list of books that I think everyone should read. I'm also going to ask people on twitter which books they think are 'must reads' & why.
So to get the ball rolling...

Book # 1 'A Classic' -- The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

I've read this book so many times that my original copy is completely battered and extremely sad looking. Perhaps not one of Hardy's better known novels but still so so good! The novel centres around the characters inhabiting Egdon Heath, set of course in Hardy's Wessex. Like all Hardy's novels it is beautifully written, with strong, at times cinematic, descriptions of landscape and tragically ill-fated characters. The first time I read this book I couldn't put it down, it's full of cliffhangers and really readable. For those of you that like a happy ending include Book Sixth 'Aftercourses' in your reading, those who prefer an extremely tragic conclusion, stop at Book Fifth (as Hardy intended).
I absolutely love this book and urge you all to try it. Let me know what you think, and what is your 'must read' book :)


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09 February, 2012

Bring Me Your Love

So, I keep finding myself being lured into Superdrug. I think it's the amazing deals they have on different cosmetic brands at the moment. I went in the other day to see which MUA products they had in store (the 'Heaven & Earth palette I spoke about here is, as predicted, a-ma-ziiing! I love it! the colours are brilliant but there's been a million and one reviews of the palette so I won't bore you with my own. Long story short for £4 you'd be silly to not treat yourself to one) After that aside, I went there to just browse but I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes to browse and comes away with lots of goodies? :)
I picked up:
x2 Collection 2000 'Lock 'n' Hold' lipglosses, in 'Body Pop' and 'Rock Steady'. They are advertised as lasting for up to 6 hours, but when wearing them I certainly needed to reapply a lot more often than that, however, they are lovely shades and for £4.99 for 2 they're good value for money too :)

'Rock Steady 3' and 'Body Pop 1'

My second cheeky purchase was x2 Barry M 'Lip Paints', in '52' and '53'. Surprisingly, the shades are very different (am I the only one that expects the numerical order of the shades to reflect their subtle changes in colour? non?) Shade 52 is a bright, shocking pink. It's very matte so make sure your lips are well moisturised before applying! Shade 53 is a much subtler, shimmery peach colour and would be lovely for a day lip colour, as well as a night time colour :) All Barry M lip colours are x2 for £7.99 in Superdrug at the moment so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get a couple while they're a bit cheaper.

'52' and '53'
Thirdly, and perhaps the most exciting of all :D ... this month's Glamour magazine is packed with some really good samples. I'm constantly on the look out for a new foundation, even when I've found a good one I always think there must be a better one! I've been considering venturing into the world of Chanel or Illamasqua foundations for a little while but I'm not a big fan of going into department stores and sitting under artificial light, trying to find the right shade, whilst the rest of the public see me with a naked face. I currently use Laura Mercier's Silk Creme foundation but recently I've found it to not wear too well, despite also using their primer. So to my surprise and excitement, this month in Glamour there was a sample of Chanel's Perfection Lumière.

What Chanel says: 'Perfection has never been so simple. Perfection Lumière controls every detail of a perfect complexion to offer a tailor-made result, [...] Its light, fluid texture glides on seamlessly with adjustable yet lightweight coverage for perfect results.'

Personally, I found the foundation to be a bit dry which made application a little difficult. The sample I had was fairly small and in a tiny little sachet, which could have led to poor consistency. On the whole I was fairly disappointed, however, every cloud has a silver lining.

Also with this month's Glamour was a sample of Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation.

What Rimmel says: 'Our first foundation that visibly reawakens and illuminates skin with a radiant glow and a flawless, natural-looking finish. Instant anti-fatigue effect, with peptides and a Vitamin Moisturising Complex.'

I'd never purchased Rimmel foundation before so I wasn't sure what to expect, if I'm completely honest I didn't expect much, HOWEVER, it was amazing! Application was really easy, it glided onto my skin easily and gave a really good coverage. I'm not sure if the 'illuminating' part will be due to the SPF 15 (anyone who has seen posts about SPF foundations previously will be aware of the 'ghost face') however, with it being winter and my skin being fairly pale as it is it's all gravy. + at the moment it's only £5.99 (RRP £8.99) in Superdrug so it's a bargain!


P.S. I will start providing the details of the song names/lyrics I tend to use for my post titles. 
Today: City and Colour 'As Much As I Ever Could'

Also, what are people's thoughts on Instagram photos in posts? I know they don't show colours very well (at all!) but I think they're really charming, and I have included links to the products so that the true colours can be seen better there. Is this enough, or should I ditch Instagram for proper, better quality, photos? Answers on a postcard please :) X

03 February, 2012

The Only Way is Wessex

I love this. I'm such a Hardy geek :D


01 February, 2012

Miss Piggy for M.A.C

I love love love the Muppets so I was so excited to see Miss Piggy has collaborated with M.A.C to celebrate her return to the silver screen in The Muppets.

I think the Miss Piggy Pink eye shadow looks a-maaa-zing (£12 each) + I'm very tempted to try out the Penultimate Eye Liner (£15 each). I've been using liquid liner since I was about 13, yes a verrrry long time now, but I've always been a Collection 2000 girl; it's cheap & gives really really good coverage, for anyone wanting to try liquid eyeliner (without breaking the bank) I'd definitely recommend it!

The Miss Piggy for M.A.C range includes: 'Miss Piggy Pink' eye shadow (£12 each), '36 Lash' (£10 each), & the 'Penultimate Liner' in 'Rapid Black' (£15 each). The collection is available exclusively online so snap it up while you can. Has anyone bought any of the collection so far? I'd love to hear what you think of it :)

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