30 January, 2012

Wish list...

Currently I am trying my very hardest to save money (I'd love to go to Summer school in Italy this Summer & it's proving to be verrry expensive!) so I'm trying not to buy things, however, I just cannot resist a bargain :)

I've just purchased 20 pairs of fake lashes for £1.98, yes you did read that right 20 for £1.98 :O :D from (of course) eBay. After reading about these little beauties on VIPXO it seemed foolish to not buy some. I went for the 003s & the 063s, I'll do another post about them when they arrive.

image: http://www.vipxo.co.uk/2012/01/im-loving-flase-eyelashes.html

Also sitting in my shopping basket, waiting to be purchased, are two products by MUA (Make-Up Academy Professional). The first is the 'Heaven and Earth' palette. I've been looking for a neutral eye palette for a while. I considered getting the Urban Decay 'Naked Palette' but wasn't sure because of the price ($40+), so when I was in Italy I bought a Sephora palette in 'Taupe Model No. 6' (for about 17€). After using it a few times I've found that the colours are a little too dark, I'll still continue to use it but it's not exactly what I was looking for :( Fingers crossed the MUA palette is better, especially as it's a very purse friendly £4 :)

MUA 'Heaven & Earth' palette

I've also decided to get this mini palette, at £2.50 it would be rude not to!

MUA Trio Eye Shadow 'Eden'

And last, but by no means least, although by far the most expensive... ASOS ABLAZE wedges. They really remind me of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita boots, which I have lusted for in a post on here before. But, alas, they're £60 & sadly I don't even think with 10% Student Discount I can justify buying them :( :'(

Hurry up please payday!! 


Also, & perhaps a little sadly, I'm desperate for a pair of these leggings :) if anyone sees them in stock in a 12 let me know! 

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