24 January, 2012

Hello, did you miss me?

I've been gone for a whole summer, it seems so strange to be back here blogging. My life has been absolutely manic, my summer was incredible. There's no way in one post that I could do it justice, so instead, let's start afresh for 2012...

I've recently started writing a diary/scrapbook/journal/record (whatever you want to call it!) of my year. 2012 seems like a big one. It's my final year of uni *eeek*! & despite, so far, having more emotional breakdowns than I care to remember, I am loving life. I don't think I've ever been as content as I am now & as much as I might find my final year workload overwhelming at times, I'm really enjoying the challenge and pushing myself harder than I think I ever have before.

So, let's begin. We're already almost 4 weeks into the New Year so here's a quick list of things that have fascinated/enthralled/generally made me giddy & excited this first month of 2012:

001. Death in Venice by Thomas Mann. Ach, hallo! ahh what a book! It was unusual, a little creepy, incredibly tragic, it was brilliant! I have the Luchino Visconti DVD to watch, apparently it's beautifully shot, with a whooole heap of symbolism, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing that :)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Lady Lilith

002. The Pre-Raphaelites. I had to write an essay a few weeks ago for a class I'm taking on 19th Century Literature and Culture & I found the whole process so enjoyable. The whole movement is fascinating, & the art is so incredibly beautiful. For those not familiar with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood ITV produced a documentary not so long ago called A Passion for the Pre-Raphaelites, it is hosted by Pre-Raphaelite fanatic Andrew Lloyd Webber & charts the fascination people seem to have with the PRB. I ended up actually watching it on youtube in four parts but it was brilliant & made my task of discussing the art & poetry of the Pre-Raphaelites, for my essay, so much more enjoyable.

003. Last but by no means least, the BBC's adaptation of Sebastian Faulks's novel, Birdsong. I read the book years ago & thought it was a completely compelling & beautifully written. There's been a lot of talk, for a long time, of an adaptation & finally it's here. The first part was on Sunday and... just wow! The announcer at the start warned there'd be scenes of a shocking and sensual nature but that seemed a bit of an understatement. Within minutes of it beginning we were faced with the really atrocious reality of trench warfare, and then later a very "raunchy" scene between the two main characters. It was an emotional rollercoaster & I for one LOVED it! If you missed the first part catch up on iPlayer (unfortunately only UK residents) and, do yourself a favour, buy the book. It's brilliant.

So, it's a brand new year. I intend to keep blogging as often as my workload will allow. It's a bit late, but better than never, Guten Rutsch! Buon Anno! & OHAI 2012 :)


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