21 June, 2011

Mend a Broken Heart

I have decided to remove the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal link from my blog, not because it's no longer an important cause (it is, you can still donate here), I have removed it because I wanted to replace it with a link to a charity that I support that can be linked there permanently.

The charity I have chosen is The British Heart Foundation. My Grandad died of a heart attack when I was 8 years old & my Mum has worked as a Cardiac Nurse for the last 8 years. This is a charity close to my family & personally I find the current 'Mending Broken Hearts Appeal' fascinating.

Here's a video to explain a bit about it:

Some facts about Zebra fish:

01. They can mend their own hearts: If part of their heart is damaged, they can repair it in a matter of weeks, just like mending a broken arm. Studying their heart and circulatory system gives us vital clues about how we might mend human hearts.

02. They grow fast: Zebrafish reach adult size – about 3cm long – in around three months, and their hearts begin to develop after just 12 hours.

03. They're see-through: It's easy for researchers to see their heart and blood vessels grow, as Zebrafish are transparent early on in life.

There are many ways that you can support the appeal, by donating, buying appeal merchandise or perchasing 'Mending Broken Hearts' inspired artwork, by artists such as Sir Peter Blake, Maggi Hambling & Storm Thorgerson.

Sir Peter Blake
Maggi Hambling

Storm Thorgerson

Heart disease is the UK's single biggest killer. Please show your support for this remarkable appeal :)

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