18 May, 2011

Hold your breath and count to ten, we're losing touch we're losing friends, but we're YOUNG

Due to serious lack of funds I've not allowed myself to look on topshop.com recently. However, with a second installment of my Erasmus grant on the horizon I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a peek...

Ooooh how lovely it is! firstly, loving the Shanghai collection...

I'm not entirely sure if I'm a fan of the Black Kick Flares by Boutique, in fact I'm not but I love the kimono blouses & the orchid and lily hair accessories. 

 Also making me very happy is their 'Dress Up' range of amazing vintage-y looking dresses...

Om nom nom nom!

And making me verrrry happy (thank you Topshop), FINALLY items are pictured on a mannequin as well as a human *cheer* à la this lovely 'tea stained' Limited Edition Sleeveless Spot Mesh Ruffle Dress (only ;) £135/ca. 154€)

PLUS lovely Topshop have added a review section so you can see what other people think about products before buying them, can't hurt can it? :)

click to make bigger :)

Now pleeeease hurry up Mr Erasmus grant :) 


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