13 April, 2011

Wherefore art thou... perfect bikini!?

I live opposite an outdoor swimming pool. In 4 months I'm going on my first summer holiday in 6, yes SIX, years. The hunt for the perfect bikini begins...

Ideal bikini: something resembling the gorgeous Ursula Andress in 'Dr No'

Reality: big boobs = BIG bikini prices :(

Is it just me, have I been away from the holiday-wear scene for too long, or are (nice) bikinis crazy expensive??

Wishlist: http://www.anthropologie.eu/

 Natalie One-Piece £118/140€

 Golden Days Bikini Top £68/81€ + Golden Days Bikini Bottoms £58/69€

 Tropical Rooftop Bikini Top £98/117€ + Tropical Rooftop Bikini Bottoms £98/117€

(Prices not yet available online)

Tide Watching Bikini Top £68/81€ + Tide Watching Bikini Bottoms £68/81€

My next Erasmus grant could come in very useful!


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