05 April, 2011

Destined to become a bag lady...

So, like so many people out there I have a weakness, a weakness for accessories. Not any accessories though, my biggest vice: shoes & bags.
I realised my love for said accessories may be getting a little out of hand when on a recent trip to Primarni in Liverpool I actually broke out into a run upon approaching the shoe section, it was as if all the shoes in my size would be gone if I didn't get there as fast as my little legs would carry me. After a light jog, or more accurately mad sprint, to the shoe section I scrambled around picking up anything in my size until 10 minutes later, when the initial excitement had worn off, I was able to sensibly & logically go through the things I had just picked up (most of which were either not particularly nice, not my size or two shoes for the same foot which had been put together by mistake as a pair). I can't explain this blind panic & excitement that came over me as I came to the shoes in what is, let's face it, a cheap shop, but every time I'm there (without exception) I get the same thrill! oh dear...
So that's my strange, perhaps verging on obsessive, relationship with shoes but equally important & exciting to me is a new bag, not any old bag but a beautiful shiny new handbag *ahhh light from the heavens shines down* :) although I don't find myself running towards bags like a madwoman I do lust after many any expensive bag that alas I am unable to afford (HELLO Mulberry Alexa, yes I'm talking to you!). However, yesterday evening as I was making my way through my very long 'unread list' on Bloglovin' I came across these posts by Carolina. Ahhh love at first sight? hello lover! now added to my somewhat extensive Spring/Summer wishlist is a 13" Cambridge Satchel Co. satchel :) the only problem is which colour to choose?!??

deep purple?

mustard yellow?

photo by Carolina Engman/Fashion Squad
or... spring green like Carolina? answers on a postcard!!

PLUS! they can emboss your initials on it :) & for £78 they are a lot more purse/student friendly than Mulberry, sorry Alexa you'll have to wait!


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