14 March, 2011

I'm so glad I've found this, I'm so glad I did

Ahhh just got back from an amazing weekend in Munich with my Ma :)

Did lots of sightseeing, eating, shopping & general loveliness! as I arrived in the lobby of the hotel we were staying in I heard a large group of British blokes, & even though it was something really small it made me so happy to hear a large group of English people, I miss banter!

Munich shops, it's safe to say, are A LOT better than Bayreuth. So, taking advantage of this, I eventually gave into the Longchamp tote craze sweeping Germany & invested in a Le Pliage tote bag.

I wasn't sure whether to get one as 74€ (£70) seemed a bit steep for what is essentially a synthetic bag with leather strap however, it's very lightweight & considering my shoulder feels like it's going to fall off some days from lugging round my beautiful, but very heavy, topshop leather shopper I thought it seemed like a good idea :)
I also bought a few things from MAC, namely a new pressed powder (seeing as I dropped my last one & it smashed during Karneval a couple of weeks ago :( boo!) as well as one of their pigment eyeshadows in Vanilla & a MAC fragrance. I opted for 'Turquatic', possibly the strangest name ever but it smells amazing & is a fresh change from Chanel Allure which I've been wearing religiously for the last few years. Ahhh I love yummy perfumes :)

However, I can't blog about my lovely weekend without mentioning yet ANOTHER England 6 Nations win! :D I finally managed to catch a game after weeks of trying to find somewhere in Bayreuth showing the games. I spent the afternoon in an Irish pub off Frauenplatz, drinking cider & black, surrounded by fellow Brits :) for a few hours I forgot I was so far away from home & got a bit sozzled on a few long overdue pints. Loved it!

Back to normal everyday life for the next few days then St Paddy's day on the 17th & a few days in Prague on the 21st. Life is good :)

beautiful Munich sunshine :)


+ to top it all off... my Mum bought me April's Elle, ahhh! :)

gorgeous gorgeous Gwen

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  1. WOW!
    I LOVE that bag!
    Glad you had a nice weekend
    Follow us and we'll follow back:-)


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