05 March, 2011



Seriously since being in Germany I have met so many impressive people, who in turn have really changed the way I think about things, especially University/academia.
In the UK there's such a distinct lack of people who learn foreign languages that the ones who do think it automatically gives them kudos. However, on the continent it's nothing, if anything a second language is standard. Some of my friends here speak 3+ languages, fluently. As well as speaking these languages they also study another subject, for example Law. This is why I'm so impressed with the people I've met, it's one thing studying a complex subject like Law in your own language but to study it in a foreign language is something else. It's these people that deserve the real praise, & in my eyes completely show most Brits up. We get such an easy ride. HUGE respect to all the people out there who have taken the time, effort & massive brain power to attain another language. Viel Glück to you all :)


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