31 March, 2011

Ich bin wieder in Deutschland

So I'm finally back after an amazing week! spent waaay too much money, abused my liver a lot but had the best time being back with my favourite girls :) I'll get back to blogging when I've managed to sort through the mountain of washing & work that needs doing (I'm dreading looking at how long my Bloglovin' list has become!) BUT until then schön Tag noch, Grüße :)


+ so happy to have finally caught up on a bit of British telly, now scouring the internet for new episodes of The Only Way is Essex & Hollyoaks; The Trial. LOVE IT :D


If you've not seen TOWIE find an episode now, it's amazing!

25 March, 2011


Technically visiting my third country of the week (Prague Monday-Wednesday, back in Germany for a day & then off to the UK tomorrow morning). Probably not the best idea I've ever had as I am completely knackered at the moment but the excitement of being back in my home Uni town is keeping me going.


On the Tram in Prague (photo by my lovely friend Jasmine)


18 March, 2011

In the gaps, between words, are the things that really intrigue me. It's the gasps, and the sighs, that say more about what's inside you.

I love this man; Paul Smith of Maxïmo Park.


Buy these, listen to them, share the love.

Also definitely worth checking out...

(B-sides/demos etc)

Albums that make me a very happy String :)


16 March, 2011

The countdown begins...

In T minus 9 days I will be in beautiful Blighty, back in Chester :) I've been getting so excited about the prospect of shopping on the British highstreet that in preparation I've bought a few things from asos.de :D
Namely; a beeeautiful floppy hattwo headbands and the House of Holland/Pretty Polly tights that I've wanted for aaages but could never justify paying £12 (ca. 14€) for (thank you Mr Erasmus grant!)

All photos asos.com

Still on my wishlist from the British Mecca that is Topshop: nude Peter Pan collar blouse, some new denim shorts (nom), stripy dress, possibly a cheeky little kimono & depending on funds... some "monk" shoes or two or three :)

All photos topshop.com

Ahh bring on the 25th!! :D 

Also, and perhaps more importantly, on my fashion/charity wishlist is one of the Vivienne Westwood t-shirts she has designed for Comic Relief & Red Nose Day in the UK, a charity designed to help people in both the UK and across Africa. Unfortunately the t-shirt I want is sold out on the website so I've got my lovely Mama looking for one in TK Maxx for me :)

Here is the gorgeous Sienna Miller wearing the "Queenie" t-shirt (the one I want!!) but there are still lots in stock on the website http://shop.rednoseday.com/ so if you fancy getting your hands on one get one from there as it means between £5-7 goes directly to Comic Relief :)


15 March, 2011


After seeing these pictures on BBC News, especially the first, I've decided to add a donation link to the right hand side of my blog. Please donate if you can.

All photos bbc.co.uk/news


Postcards from Italy

Beirut 'Postcards from Italy'
I love this song, listening to it a lot at the moment. It makes me feel all excited for Summer :)


14 March, 2011

I'm so glad I've found this, I'm so glad I did

Ahhh just got back from an amazing weekend in Munich with my Ma :)

Did lots of sightseeing, eating, shopping & general loveliness! as I arrived in the lobby of the hotel we were staying in I heard a large group of British blokes, & even though it was something really small it made me so happy to hear a large group of English people, I miss banter!

Munich shops, it's safe to say, are A LOT better than Bayreuth. So, taking advantage of this, I eventually gave into the Longchamp tote craze sweeping Germany & invested in a Le Pliage tote bag.

I wasn't sure whether to get one as 74€ (£70) seemed a bit steep for what is essentially a synthetic bag with leather strap however, it's very lightweight & considering my shoulder feels like it's going to fall off some days from lugging round my beautiful, but very heavy, topshop leather shopper I thought it seemed like a good idea :)
I also bought a few things from MAC, namely a new pressed powder (seeing as I dropped my last one & it smashed during Karneval a couple of weeks ago :( boo!) as well as one of their pigment eyeshadows in Vanilla & a MAC fragrance. I opted for 'Turquatic', possibly the strangest name ever but it smells amazing & is a fresh change from Chanel Allure which I've been wearing religiously for the last few years. Ahhh I love yummy perfumes :)

However, I can't blog about my lovely weekend without mentioning yet ANOTHER England 6 Nations win! :D I finally managed to catch a game after weeks of trying to find somewhere in Bayreuth showing the games. I spent the afternoon in an Irish pub off Frauenplatz, drinking cider & black, surrounded by fellow Brits :) for a few hours I forgot I was so far away from home & got a bit sozzled on a few long overdue pints. Loved it!

Back to normal everyday life for the next few days then St Paddy's day on the 17th & a few days in Prague on the 21st. Life is good :)

beautiful Munich sunshine :)


+ to top it all off... my Mum bought me April's Elle, ahhh! :)

gorgeous gorgeous Gwen

10 March, 2011

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” Oscar Wilde

I may only be 22 & it may be anti-aging BUT Nivea Hand Creme Anti Age Q10 Plus smells amazing!

I'm not a massive fan of hand cream but the harsh German winter has made my hands really dry :( it's non-greasy and smells gooorgeous :D even when I washed my hands they still felt moisturized & smelt lovely. 2,75€ well spent! Thank you to my Ma for sending me a sample of it :)

Also... on the subject of beauty products. I LOVE Nails Inc.'s Lowndes Square nail varnish :)

I currently have this grey/lilac-y be-a-utiful colour on my toes (Nails Inc. calls it "grilac", not exactly the prettiest name but it is lovely!) I love it because it's subtle & a bit different from the other taupe, mink, grey tones that have been everywhere recently. It's £11/ca. 13€ on http://www.nailsinc.com/ however, you can buy it as part of the Autumn/Winter Collection 2010

The collection includes L-R Palace Garden Terrace (rich dark taupe), Lowndes Square (beautiful "grilac"), Queensgate Mews (glossy grape) & Duke of Wellington Place (glossy gunmetal grey) all for just £25/ca. 30€ BARGAIN! :)

AND even better :O :D if you subscribe to UK Elle this month you will receive a Nails Inc. set. Wunderbar! :)



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08 March, 2011

I don't want to change the world, I'm not looking for a new England

I'm starting to really miss home. My friend sent me this. It made me laugh, lots :)


06 March, 2011


Last night I was flicking through the Fashion supplement that comes with das Stern & the editorial section 'Heiss-Zeit' was amazing. Absolutely stunning woman, in stunning clothes, surrounded by deeply tanned, muscly men in little pants. Hoh! :)

BUT, what stood out most to me was Missoni's SS11 campaign...

la nuova campagna adv primavera/estate 2011 family & friends by juergen teller: MISSONI

ahh my beloved Leighton :)

What I loved most was not the vibrant colours & patterns, although they look amazing, especially against the backdrops Teller has used, but the fact that the Missoni family, of all ages, are used in the campaign. 


05 March, 2011



Seriously since being in Germany I have met so many impressive people, who in turn have really changed the way I think about things, especially University/academia.
In the UK there's such a distinct lack of people who learn foreign languages that the ones who do think it automatically gives them kudos. However, on the continent it's nothing, if anything a second language is standard. Some of my friends here speak 3+ languages, fluently. As well as speaking these languages they also study another subject, for example Law. This is why I'm so impressed with the people I've met, it's one thing studying a complex subject like Law in your own language but to study it in a foreign language is something else. It's these people that deserve the real praise, & in my eyes completely show most Brits up. We get such an easy ride. HUGE respect to all the people out there who have taken the time, effort & massive brain power to attain another language. Viel Glück to you all :)


#2. inspirational |ˌinspəˈrā sh ənl| adjective; providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration

Possibly the most stylish, cut throat & amazing (fictional) woman ever. Blair Waldorf


01. She is always immaculately presented
02. She is cultured & knowledgeable 
03. She is fiercely loyal
04. She is incredibly strong & determined
05. She bagged Chuck Bass, amazing. End of :)


03 March, 2011

Can miles truly separate you from friends... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?
Richard Bach

I don't want this year to end.


Constant Cravings

I need to see The Godfather II, the first one was so long but so good. I love this picture.



01 March, 2011

München Karneval

meine Geliebten :)

Munich was amazing! the sun was shining, finally a bit of warmth after months of the temperature never getting higher than 0 °C!
Sunday morning was an experience, streets lined full of Germans in mental outfits going sick for all the boiled sweets being thrown at them from people in the carnival, it was crazy but so much fun :) 

I wish I'd had a costume :( apparently it's Fasching this week in Bayreuth, I want to buy one of these :D


p.s. I think I may have developed a latte macchiato addiction haha, Starbucks Vanilla Latte: 4€ well spent nom nom :D

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