21 June, 2011

Mend a Broken Heart

I have decided to remove the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal link from my blog, not because it's no longer an important cause (it is, you can still donate here), I have removed it because I wanted to replace it with a link to a charity that I support that can be linked there permanently.

The charity I have chosen is The British Heart Foundation. My Grandad died of a heart attack when I was 8 years old & my Mum has worked as a Cardiac Nurse for the last 8 years. This is a charity close to my family & personally I find the current 'Mending Broken Hearts Appeal' fascinating.

Here's a video to explain a bit about it:

Some facts about Zebra fish:

01. They can mend their own hearts: If part of their heart is damaged, they can repair it in a matter of weeks, just like mending a broken arm. Studying their heart and circulatory system gives us vital clues about how we might mend human hearts.

02. They grow fast: Zebrafish reach adult size – about 3cm long – in around three months, and their hearts begin to develop after just 12 hours.

03. They're see-through: It's easy for researchers to see their heart and blood vessels grow, as Zebrafish are transparent early on in life.

There are many ways that you can support the appeal, by donating, buying appeal merchandise or perchasing 'Mending Broken Hearts' inspired artwork, by artists such as Sir Peter Blake, Maggi Hambling & Storm Thorgerson.

Sir Peter Blake
Maggi Hambling

Storm Thorgerson

Heart disease is the UK's single biggest killer. Please show your support for this remarkable appeal :)


18 May, 2011

Hold your breath and count to ten, we're losing touch we're losing friends, but we're YOUNG

Due to serious lack of funds I've not allowed myself to look on topshop.com recently. However, with a second installment of my Erasmus grant on the horizon I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a peek...

Ooooh how lovely it is! firstly, loving the Shanghai collection...

I'm not entirely sure if I'm a fan of the Black Kick Flares by Boutique, in fact I'm not but I love the kimono blouses & the orchid and lily hair accessories. 

 Also making me very happy is their 'Dress Up' range of amazing vintage-y looking dresses...

Om nom nom nom!

And making me verrrry happy (thank you Topshop), FINALLY items are pictured on a mannequin as well as a human *cheer* à la this lovely 'tea stained' Limited Edition Sleeveless Spot Mesh Ruffle Dress (only ;) £135/ca. 154€)

PLUS lovely Topshop have added a review section so you can see what other people think about products before buying them, can't hurt can it? :)

click to make bigger :)

Now pleeeease hurry up Mr Erasmus grant :) 


17 May, 2011

Shaddap You Face

I have a new love, for the Two Greedy Italians, Antonio Carluccio & Gennaro Contaldo :D

I want them to be my italian grandpas! every week this has become mine, & my (italian) friend's, guilty pleasure, sitting & cooing over the delicious food they cook as they travel around Italy.

Antonio's lemon & ricotta tart looked amazing, as well as the slow-cooked family stew, nom nom nom :)

If a trip to Italy wasn't on the cards already for the near future, it certainly is now! it's making me hungry just thinking about their cooking :D


13 May, 2011

I was a dreamer, staring out windows


As if George Bernard Shaw read my mind before I'd even had the thought.

'The English have no respect for their language, and will not teach their children to speak it. They cannot spell it because they have nothing to spell it with but an old foreign alphabet of which only consonants -- and not all of them -- have any agreed speech value. Consequently no man can teach himself what it should sound like from reading it; and it is impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman despise him. Most European languages are now accessible in black and white to foreigners: English and French are not thus accessible even to Englishmen and Frenchmen.'

'Preface: A Professor of Phonetics', taken from Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw (1913)


07 May, 2011

Hasn't time flown

Apologies once again for the serious lack of posts recently! I've had a crazy amount of work to do in a short space of time but Hallelujah it's all finished now :)

So! I was back in England for the Royal Wedding and it was honestly one of the best days I've had in a long time. Kate looked amazing, Wills looked in love and we celebrated with champagne, tea and cakes; proper Brit stylee :)

But alas, after all the excitement I got on a plane (at 7am - it killed me!) & flew back to Germany ready for the Sommersemester. I'm taking Grundkurs 1 (beginners) Italian this semester so watch this space ;)
Ciao for now, promise to post a lot more soon! what have you all been up to?


21 April, 2011

Don't Mention the War

One of the most well-known & well-loved British comedy sketches ever, but why? What is the British preoccupation with Germany & "the War" (two in fact).

I am by no means slighting the significance of both the First World War & the Second World War, I think in both instances they are an incredibly important part of British, European & world history but why are so many British people still hung up about the fact that Germany tried to invade?

As a student studying in Germany I've met a lot of German people, all of whom have been friendly & welcoming. If anything they have relished the fact that they are able to communicate with a British person. Never once has anyone ever mentioned "the War". In fact a German friend of mine was recently completely taken aback when we discussed the prejudice that English people still have towards Germans. During the World Cup last summer I watched the England v Germany game in a pub in the North East & discovered some England supporters there in full England replica kits but with a twist. One supporter had a stenciled picture of Hitler + F.T.G. (Fuck The Germans) on the back of his shirt. I felt genuinely shocked & appalled by what I saw & to be honest I felt ashamed to be associated with people with this kind of mindset. Despite the German national team playing much better than England, some supporters in the pub couldn't put the feat down to better sportsmanship, it was a rivalry spanning almost a hundred years.

The thing that I find most astonishing is that it seems to be a one-sided prejudice. When speaking to German people they seem to actually admire & enjoy British culture. Inasmuch as in Dresden, a city completely destroyed by British bombs during the Second World War, there is a teashop called England England which celebrates all things English. I've visited it & it truly is lovely; homemade cakes, books, dvds, proper English tea & proper English breakfasts. How is it that in a city so badly destroyed by British bombs, Dresden & the proprietors of England England are able to look past the awful history that our two countries share & celebrate all things English? Is the same thing imaginable in Coventry, somewhere celebrating all things German? A city equally destroyed during the Second World War, hence their twinning today.
I recently saw a programme presented by the comedian Al Murray on BBC4 called Al Murray's German Adventure, where he specifically tried to look past our prejudices & see Germany for the beautiful country that it is, & as far as was possible, not speak about "the War".

I just wish more people could do the same, perhaps they'd realise we have more in common with the Germans than they had previously thought?


20 April, 2011


... for the lack of posts, I've been busy travelling home, getting new glasses/contacts & having my hair trimmed within an inch of its life BUT I just saw this on The Clothes Horse and it made me laugh so I hope you like it too :)

Aled Lewis

I will post something proper very soon, promise! baci e abbracci :)


13 April, 2011

Wherefore art thou... perfect bikini!?

I live opposite an outdoor swimming pool. In 4 months I'm going on my first summer holiday in 6, yes SIX, years. The hunt for the perfect bikini begins...

Ideal bikini: something resembling the gorgeous Ursula Andress in 'Dr No'

Reality: big boobs = BIG bikini prices :(

Is it just me, have I been away from the holiday-wear scene for too long, or are (nice) bikinis crazy expensive??

Wishlist: http://www.anthropologie.eu/

 Natalie One-Piece £118/140€

 Golden Days Bikini Top £68/81€ + Golden Days Bikini Bottoms £58/69€

 Tropical Rooftop Bikini Top £98/117€ + Tropical Rooftop Bikini Bottoms £98/117€

(Prices not yet available online)

Tide Watching Bikini Top £68/81€ + Tide Watching Bikini Bottoms £68/81€

My next Erasmus grant could come in very useful!


09 April, 2011

Pretty in PINK

Yet another thing to add to my SS11 wishlist; I've been converted, pale pink jeans you will be mine!
Seen at: Isbael Marant, SS11 collection...

All photos http://www.isabelmarant.tm.fr/collections-ss11.php#

I've seen a pair in Zara but the website makes them look a buttermilk kind of colour :/ I've seen them in the flesh, they're a beautiful pale pink!!
I think a trip to Nürnberg may be in order :)


07 April, 2011

These boots were made for...

After declaring my, verging on, crazed obsession with shoes and bags the other day, it wasn't going to take long for me to find some A-MA-ZING shoes to blog about was it?
HELLO Jeffrey Campbell, 'Lita'!!
I've seen quite a few other bloggers with these yummy boots & every time thought I must look into who makes them, purely by chance I came across the Jeffrey Campbell website & fell more in love after perusing his SS11 lookbook. Some personal favourites... (click to enlarge ;))

To view the entire lookbook click here :)

I love the American flag shirt, it reminds me of my favourite ever pair of shorts I bought last Summer from Topshop which don't fit me anymore :( :( although I found a verrry similar shirt at MarketHQ thanks to Mode Junkie #wishlist

Some 'buttermilk Lita' boots, a la Angy, would be welcomed with open arms too :) ahhhh!

Photo by Angelica http://www.angystearoom.com/2011/04/3-dimensions.htmll


06 April, 2011

You taste just like glitter mixed with Rock 'n' Roll

I'M IN LOVE!! ... with my nails :) I'm a magpie & love anything glittery or shimmery, not tacky (there's a fine line) but you can't beat a bit of something spangly!
The winning combo has been Nails inc 'Shoreditch' and Essence 'nail art special effect topper' in 'Circus Confetti'.

the effect... 

Drag Queen disco ball :)

Probably a bad idea to paint my nails in such a distracting way, I've got so much uni work to do & all I want to do is look at my fingers & toes in the sunshine!


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